Charter Operator JetReady Adds Challenger to Floating Fleet Availability

Photo of Challenger new to charter floating fleet

Challenger 601 new to charter floating fleet availability by operator JetReady.

Private jet charter operator JetReady continues to grow its existing charter fleet and has announced their newest charter aircraft addition, available for domestic and international charter flights.

The new-to-charter aircraft is a Challenger 601-3A joining JetReady’s charter floating fleet  currently comprised of 5 heavy jets with the addition.

Cabin photo of Challenger 601 new-to-charter, refurbished 2018.

2018-refurbished cabin interior of the new-to-charter Challenger 601 operated by JetReady

The aircraft floor plan is a 12 passenger executive configuration and new 2018 renovated modern interior, with a layout of four forward individual captains chairs, an aft 4-place divan opposing a 4-place conference group. The aircraft is equipped with a full-sized forward galley, microwave, complimentary WiFi, display monitors, HD Inflight Entertainment and Airshow 400.

JetReady’s floating fleet is included in the Floating Fleets section of FlightList PRO‘s multi-search platform along with all 326 floating fleet aircraft and 29 operators.  

JetReady’s Chief Executive Officer, Nigel England stated, “We are thrilled to announce the newest Challenger addition to our charter certificate and look forward to the continued growth of our company.”

The Challenger joins JetReady’s charter floating fleet of now 5 heavy jets; 3 Challenger 601’s and 2 Gulfstream IV-SP’s.  The operator reports more aircraft of these same types, plus Hawker 800XP models in the pipeline for Part-135 charter.


Source:  Company press release

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