First Two HondaJets Available for Charter in US

Much anticipated, HondaJets are rolling off the Honda Aircraft production line in Greensboro NC, and for the first time are now available for charter.  Two new 2016 HondaJets are now available for charter in the US.

Compared to it’s Very Light Jet (VLJ) category competition, the Citation Mustang and the Phenom 100, the HondaJet betters the field in important ways.  The faster, lighter and more fuel efficient 4-passenger jet has a cabin 20% larger cabin than its competitors, more baggage space, a faster airspeed at 420 kts, and higher cruise altitude at 43,000 feet.  In many ways, the HondaJet is a better fit up in the light jet category.

Cutter Flight Management is first to operate the 4-seat VLJ under US Part-135 charter regulations.  Two are currently available, based in the southwestern US at KPHX Phoenix, AZ and KSDL Scottsdale AZ.  Cutter is a Wyvern Registered operator, and maintains fleet, crew, and insurance information as well as verified regulatory documentation within the Wyvern’s system.  Cutter Flight Management is the aircraft management and charter arm of Cutter Aviation, provider of aviation related services and FBO operations in the Southwestern US and Colorado.

HondaJet private jet for charter

HondaJet available for charter, operated by Cutter Flight Management.

Leading the way again, FlightList PRO is the only charter sourcing platform with the HondaJet and also the full Cutter Flight Management fleet of 9 charter aircraft which includes turboprops, light, midsize and heavy jets.

The HondaJet being uniquely Honda, instead of using engines from other manufacurers, the company began developing its own engine in partnership with GE Aviation ultimately creating the GE-Honda HF20 turbofan engine.  The HA-420 HondaJet is powered by two over-wing mounted HF120 turbofans, each producing 1,997 pounds of thrust.  The engine mounts atop the wings are constructed of metal.  The natural laminar flow wings terminate in sizable winglets. The HondaJet’s fuselage is made of carbon fiber, and its flight deck is built around Garmin’s touchscreen-capable G3000 suite.

The HondaJet cabin and baggage capabilities:

The cabin area is a 12.1-foot-long space that provides plenty of room for passengers. The club seating arrangement gives ample legroom and is spacious for a VLJ, with opposing passenger knees completely out of range.  The hum of the  HF120s can be heard with the lavatory doors open, but with them closed, it is significantly quieter than almost any other light jet.

The lav is also far superior to that of many light jets, some of which section the toilet area off with a simple curtain.  While the HondaJet’s lavatory is not huge by any stretch, it provides complete privacy, a nice sink with a faucet activated by a motion sensor, and two skylights providing natural light and a unique perspective of the skies above.

One benefit of having the engines mounted on the wings is that the HondaJet has an exceptionally large luggage compartment for an airplane in the light-jet category.  The rear compartment is 57 cubic feet and holds up to 400 pounds, which is more than many light jets and some midsize jets.  There is plenty of space to load large suitcases without trouble.

The aircraft also has a 9-cubic-foot cargo area in the nose, capable of carrying up to 100 pounds. Neither of the cargo spaces is pressurized, however, so toothpaste and any liquid materials may want to stay inside the cabin.

Charter a HondaJet light jet

HondaJet operated by Cutter Flight Management, one of the first available for charter worldwide.

There is no question HondaJet’s very light jet  competes directly with the Cessna’s Citation Mustang, Embraer’s Phenom 100 in the charter market, and even some Citation and Learjet light jets.

There are now 25 aircraft on the production line at Honda Aircraft’s facility at the Piedmont Triangle International Airport in Greensboro, NC, which now employs 1,700. Honda expects to have delivered between 40 and 50 aircraft by the end of 2016, ultimately ramping up to 75 aircraft in 2017.

All HondaJets for charter as well as the full Cutter Flight Management charter fleet are available in the FlightList PRO platform which includes all 16,631 charter aircraft and 3,419 charter operators worldwide.

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