Introducing New Charter Operator OJets With Global, Challenger and Growth Plans

Charter Global 6000 newly operated by OJets based Signapore.

Charter Global 6000 newly operated by OJets and based Signapore.

Announced last week, OJets, a new provider of business aviation services, launched charter service with a Bombardier Global 6000 and a Bombardier Challenger 650, newly purchased from Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and reported bold plans for growth.

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“We are honored to have closed with Minsheng Finance Leasing Co. of China as our finance partner and look forward to building our relationship as we expand OJets,” said Michael Ta, CFO, OJets. “We have implemented a growth objective to quadruple the size of OJets’ current fleet by the end of Q2. This growth is underpinned by $350M in equity and debt; and will establish OJets as a global operator with one of the newest fleets of long range business aircraft in service.”

OJets  services include:

  • On-Demand Charter.  A flexible pay-as-you-fly service, including: one-way trips, choice of aircraft and no hidden fees.
  • Block Hour Program, for frequent travelers. Highly-personalized service with 48-hour guaranteed aircraft availability at a fixed hourly rate, including: global coverage without ferry fees within service area, no initiation fee and no monthly management fees.

Headquartered in Singapore, OJets’ world-class team is guided by a commitment to delivering industry-defining service – tailored to the most discerning Asian and international business travelers.

Including OJets aircraft, heavy and ultra long range jets based in the Singapore area now number 10 with 7 different charter operators; 2 Challengers, 2 Gulfstream 450, 2 Gulfstream 550, 1 Global 5000 and 3 Global 6000 aircraft.  FlightList PRO is the only source with all charter aircraft in Singapore and worldwide.

OJets 14-passenger Challenger 650 for charter based Singapore.

OJets 14-passenger Challenger 650 for charter based Singapore.

The OJets brand features the signature “O”, inspired the Asian symbol “enso”, which represents strength, elegance and infinity. Enso is the embodiment of OJets’ vision of connecting East and West with a global reach at the pinnacle of luxury business aviation.

“We are delighted to collaborate with OJets, a new integrated provider of comprehensive business aviation services, to bring a Global 6000 and a Challenger 650 into its fleet,” said Mr. Wang Fuhou, President, Business and Commercial Aviation Leasing Division, Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. “Both parties are confident in our partnership and in the business aviation market. We look forward to the success of this cooperation.”

About OJets
Headquartered in Singapore, OJets is an integrated provider of comprehensive business aviation services, including owning and operating a private fleet. For more information see

Source:  OJets press release

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