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Landmark Acquires TWC Aviation

Landmark Aviation Charter OperatorLandmark Aviation’s latest acquisition is TWC Aviation, announced Friday.  Van Nuys, CA-based TWC manages a fleet of more than 50 aircraft, including 32 available for charter which are based on the west coast and in Utah, Texas and New York.

The two companies will continue operating under their respective names as they begin the integration process.  “TWC Aviation has built an impressive reputation within the aviation industry,” Landmark Aviation President & CEO Dan Bucaro stated. “We look forward to merging these two great organizations into one.”

Through a series of acquisitions in the past two years Landmark Aviation has been on a run, growing its charter and management holdings significantly to now over 120 aircraft.  Only Executive Jet Management is larger, at approximately 200 aircraft, and 111 available for charter.

The Landmark Aviation and TWC Aviation entire charter fleets are available in FlightList PRO.

RAI Jets Adds King Air C90 to Charter Fleet

King Air C90, N155GB, is now operated by RAI Jets and available for private charter out of Michigan.  The 5-passenger executive turboprop, based KAZO Kalamazoo, MI, joins RAI Jets’ ARGUS Gold and Wyvern Registered ratings.  RAI Jets fleet is available in Flightlist PRO.

King Air C90 N155GB with RAI Jets

King Air C90 N155GB on the approach, with RAI Jets based Michigan

CSI Aviation Services Becomes Part 135 Air Carrier, Adds King Air 200

Air charter broker and now operator CSI Aviation of Albuquerque, NM has won approval to operate its own aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air B200 for charter.  The company has finished the process under the FAA of bringing the former Bear Aviation & Helicopter LLC and it’s Beechcraft King Air B200 under its own management, operation and name, CSI Air.

CSI Air now operates the 2001 8-passenger King Air B200, N505AW, based at KABQ Albuquerque, NM.  It’s FAA air operator certificate #GRTA447E approves passenger and air ambulance operation in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.  CSI Air is available in FlightList Pro.

King Air Charter CSI Aviation

CSI Air’s King Air B200 N505AW based ABQ Albuquerque, NM.

Article in The Albuquerque Journal – CSI Aviation Expands its services

Phoenix Air Rises – “The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of”

Phoenix Air CharterGeorgia-based cargo and passenger charter operator Phoenix Air comes to worldwide recognition of late after the U.S. government taps it for Ebola evacuation charters out of Africa.  The company’s Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) comes of age…

See the article from Airport Business magazine

Phoenix Air’s entire fleet is available in FlightList Pro.

Naljets Adds New Challenger 350 to Charter Fleet Based UK

Naljets Charter UK2014 Challenger 350, G-SCAR, is now available and operated by NAL Flight Partner (Naljets) for charter, based EGNM Leeds Bradord, UK.  The new jet will be chartering along side the company’s Gulfstream 200 also based out of the UK.  The Challenger is capable of transcontinental flight with a range of 3,200 nautical miles (5,926km) and features luxury cabin space that can accommodate 10 passengers.  It has some of the world’s most advanced avionics technology, including a ‘Synthetic Vision System’ which overlays outside terrain as well as runway and airport features on to the cockpit displays in bad weather.

Naljets managing director Craig McLeod added, “Last year we received record numbers of charter requests for our aircraft. The addition of the new Challenger expands our capability further and, being the first Challenger 350 registered in the UK, the interest in the aircraft is very strong.”

Naljets specializes in discreet acquisition and aircraft management services for business jet owners and companies, including management and consulting on all aspects from purchase to parking, flight operations, journey management, flight and ground crew training and provision.  Naljets charter fleet is available in FlightList Pro.

Challenger 350 G-SCAR jet charter based UK

Interior of Challenger 350 G-SCAR jet charter based UK

Charter Operator Advanced Air Added to ACSF Industry Audit Standard Registry

Air Charter Safety FoundationThe Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) announces that Advanced Air, LLC, headquartered in Hawthorne, CA has been added to the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) Registry.

“We are pleased to add Advanced Air to the IAS Registry,” said ACSF president Bryan Burns. “We also congratulate them as the first operator to successfully complete a combined audit of the IAS, ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO.”

 Advanced Air chartersAdvanced Air LLC operates 5 King Air and Pilatus turboprops for charter based in Southern California.

More info on Air Charter Safety Foundation and the Industry Audit Standard Registry can be found here. http://www.acsf.aero/registry/

Advanced Air’s  fleet is available in FlightList Pro.

Starbase Jet Adds to Texas Jet Charter Fleet; Citation XLS+ and Challenger 605

Midsize and heavy charter jets add to Starbase Jet fleet:  The brand new 2014 Citation XLS+, N165DS, is Wi-Fi equipped and based at Addison Airport, outside of Dallas, TX.  The 2008 Challenger 605, N342F, is also Wi-Fi equipped and based at Houston-Hobby Airport.

Texas-based Starjase Jet is an air charter and management company, operating 24 aircraft for charter, from the light jet Citation CJ2 through the heavy Gulfstream IV-SP, Challenger 605 and Embraer Legacy 650.

Challenger 605 for charter now with operator Starbase Jet, Texas.

Challenger 605 N341F jet charter with operator Starbase Jet, Texas.

Starbase Jet’s entire fleet is available in FlightList Pro.
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Nashville Welcomes Clay Lacy Aviation Hawker 800XP For Charter

Hawker 800XP N285XP operated by Clay Lacy Aviation is now available for private charter based from Nashville, TN.   The midsize jet features 5 large captains chairs, a side facing couch and full lavatory. Ideal for coast-to-coast travel, the aircraft seats eight passengers and offers a surround sound entertainment system with DVD/CD players and an Airshow moving map display.   Clay Lacy Aviation is headquartered at KVNY Van Nuys, CA near Los Angeles and operates a fleet of nearly 50 private jets for charter.

Jet Charter Nashville Hawker 800XP

Clay Lacy Hawker 800XP N285XP for Nashville Jet Charter

Interior - Clay Lacy Hawker 800XP N285XP based Nashville, TN

Interior – Hawker 800XP N285XP based Nashville, TN

London Executive Aviation Adds King Air B200 to UK

King Air 200 charter UKBased on the Isle Of Man in the UK, London Executive Aviation’s new King Air B200 is now available for private charter.  The 2003 aircraft, registration G-CIFE, has six armchair seats and smaller side-facing seat, all in grey leather.  Boasting a bar and separate lav, G-CIFE has updated avionics and 4-bladed props which ensure a quieter cabin.


Key Air Hires Charter Sales Pro Charlene Brett

Key Air Jet Charter Operator

Key Air Jet Charter Operator

Announced this week is the hire of long term air charter professional Charlene Brett by charter operator Key Air in Oxford, CT.  With more than 22 years of Part 135 experience, Charlene has worked with several air charter companies over her career, most recently with FirstFlight as Director of Corporate Sales & Marketing for their 17-aircraft charter fleet.   Charlene Brett will be focusing on charter sales of Key Air’s growing fleet of 11 jets.  Last month Key Air added Gulfstream IV-SP, N1D, and Falcon 2000EX Easy, N900FS, to its charter fleet based in Connecticut.

Charter Spending Up 15% for 2014, Trends in Aircraft and Booking

2014 trends in private flight activity, aircraft selection and charter booking reported by nationwide private jet charter leader New Flight Charters.

Average charter spending in 2014 increased 15.0% over 2013, from an overall average $14,841 per charter to $17,068. The average includes all charter activity and aircraft types, from piston aircraft through heavy and long-range private jets.

The increase is due in large part to a movement in charter demand in 2014 from smaller aircraft to larger — namely into midsize and heavy jets. Midsize jet activity increased 18.8% year over year, and heavy jet activity nearly doubled for New Flight Charters. Meanwhile light jet and turboprop charters declined by 9.8% and 26.1% respectively.

As a percent of total, midsize jet charters climbed from 15.6% to 20.5% year over year, and heavy jets jumped from 4.3% to 8.2% of all charters. Light jets however descended from 40.8% to 38.8% in 2014, and turboprops slowed from 23.4% to 18.6% of all charters for the year.

New Flight Charters’ results mirror TraqPak data released by aviation services company Argus, which reported Part-135 flight activity gains over 2013, including an increase in large-cabin and midsize jet flying, while turboprop flying finished the year down.


The overall most popular aircraft chosen in 2014 was the light jet Citation 510/550/560 series, at 36.4% of light jets and 14.5% of all charters, followed by the Hawker 400XP light jet at 19.0% of light jets and 7.6% of all charters.

Segmenting further, the midsize jet category featured the Hawker 800A/800XP as by far the most popular at 42.1% of all midsize jet charters and 8.7% of all charters.

In heavy jets, the Bombardier Challenger series 300/601/604 was the heavy favorite, at 37% of the category.


Data is actual results from more than 750 U.S. domestic and international charter flights paid and flown in 2014, arranged by New Flight Charters.  Data is not from online searches, inquiries or projections.

Charter fliers choose their aircraft and quote from the several best available for their flight, with no obligation or incentive to choose one or any. New Flight Charters employs aviation data company FlightList Pro to access the entire charter market without restriction. 2014 results, including the trends to larger jets and spending, is only from actual client demand and aircraft choice.

Many factors influence the decision for a particular aircraft size and model, such as trip itinerary, flight leg lengths and passenger count.