VistaJet Adds Jet Charter Service in China

VistaJetChartering a private jet to China is easy, but flying privately between airports within the country can be challenging.  To address this problem, the Swiss business-aviation provider VistaJet has partnered with China’s Apex Air to provide point-to-point private air service throughout the country in a Chinese-registered Bombardier Challenger 850 managed and operated by Apex. VistaJet is the first international aviation charter company to offer this service.

One of the largest charter operators worldwide, VistaJet has 47 heavy and long range jets for charter now in the US, Europe and China.  The entire fleet and details are available only in FlightList PRO.

VistaJet officials say they plan to add at least one more China-based airplane later this year, and they will continue to expand the line to meet demand. The company has been working for months to secure all the partnerships and permissions required to launch the new service.

The Challenger 850 can carry up to 14 passengers—with berths for seven—at speeds up to 528 mph over a range of 3,230 miles.

VistaJet's Challenger 850 based in China

VistaJet’s Challenger 850 avaialble for charter, based in China


Article info courtesy Mary Grady and Robb Report

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