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Q: Who uses FlightList PRO in sourcing and arranging air charters?

A: The most experienced charter brokers and travel professionals in the industry.

FlightList PRO users average 14 years of experience arranging air charter.

  • 80% of users have arranged charter for more than 10 years.
  • A full 1/4 of users have arranged charter for more than 20 years.
The most successful and knowledgeable charter brokers in the industry use FlightList PRO every day.

FlightList PRO gives you additional aircraft and charter options for just about any flight request, at a very small cost. There is no air charter resource like it.

If you're an air charter professional you know you can pay from $300 to $1000 monthly to use charter sourcing platforms which include only a portion of charter aircraft available and so-called free charter sources have incomplete or bad data. FlightList PRO is just $90; includes 3 users, unlimited access, 100% of the market.

Most platforms do not report numbers or the portion of the market they have available, while the oldest platform reports having 1,935 aircraft in their marketplace system in North America and listing only 3,200 worldwide. FlightList PRO displays all 7,598 in North America (including all 3,013 business jets for charter) and 16,631 aircrafts worldwide.

The platform reports including 769 operators worldwide. FlightList PRO has all 3,419, including 1,633 in the US and 699 in Europe.

If you do not have FlightList PRO in your toolbox, you are missing a large number of operators/aircraft, pricing options' and likely bookings.

FlightList PRO does not charge operators, but automatically includes every operator and every charter aircraft... thousands more than other platforms. FlightList PRO is dedicated to only your needs in getting the most and best results in air charter.

Free 30-day trials are available now. Then add FlightList PRO for only $90, includes 3 users. Don't miss all the availability, quotes and options. Book more and better charters. Imagine your growth useing FlightList PRO. Regardless, Flightlist PRO has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Get full multi-search capabilities; all safety auditor ratings, operator details, Wi-Fi and YOM, search by category or type, search by airport, city or radius, search by country! Send multiple operator requests. View 14 floating fleets. Use NBAA Airmail, airport info tools, flight calculators and much more. It's simple and easy to use.

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FlightList PRO

The World's Largest and Only Complete Source of Every Certified Charter, Cargo and
Ambulance Aircraft in the U.S. and 131 Countries Worldwide

The Only One Of Its Kind.

Welcome to FlightList PRO.  Request a free trial subscription, and make use of the groundbreaking resource with the largest number of aircraft and operators in the world... up to 40% more than other services.  More aircraft means more and better flight options to choose from.

FlightList PRO launched in 2014 to serve only you the user with the most complete information available, continually updated... the only complete listing service.  No biasing, no paid placements, no paying operators, or any restrictions on your aircraft search.

100% of the market; groundbreaking complete and easy access to all U.S. and international aircraft.  The ultimate resource, compare the numbers; 8,289 charter aircraft in the U.S. and 16,631 worldwide.  FlightList PRO is an everyday favorite of leading large charter brokerages.

  • Complete options; no paid listings, paid placement, restrictions, bias or advertising.
  • Intuitive search, quick and easy displays.
  • Worldwide every operator and aircraft with details.
  • Floating Fleet operator directory
  • Source by location, radius, category, type, safety, usage, seats, YOM, Wi-Fi, operator, tail.
  • Safety ratings - all four possible ratings included by operator.
  • Get multiple quotes direct from the operators in your search results.
  • Send custom NBAA Charter Air Mail, personalized, quick & easy.
  • Industry-leading airport resources and trip planning tools.
  • Accurate and up to date; fully refreshed regularly, updated continuously.


FlightList PRO is a Primary Resource For:

Charter Brokerages Corporate Travel Departments
Charter Operators Group Travel / Incentive Organizations
Travel Agencies Sports Travel Organizations
Company Flight Departments Aviation OEM and PMA Companies


Subscription Rates:

Free 30-days access. Then if you choose to subscribe, cancel any time.

  • 1-3 users; $90 USD monthly total
  • Additional users only $30 USD each
  • 10+ users; group discount rates available

Users Outside the United States (outside the U.S. market)

  • 1-3 users; $45 USD monthly total
  • Additional users only $15 USD each
  • 10+ users; group discount rates available

Operator Subscriptions are Complimentary


FlightList PRO 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We're so convinced you will like FlightList PRO, that if you don't agree after 3 months we'll refund everything paid to date. You have nothing to lose and literally every aircraft to gain.



All Aircraft for 132 Countries and Territories

Charter  |  Cargo  |  Air Ambulance

Jets - Turboprops - Pistons - Helicopters - Amphibians/Foatplanes - Airliners

Algeria Ecuador Kenya Portugal
American Samoa Egypt Kuwait Puerto Rico
Angola Estonia Latvia Qatar
Argentina Ethiopia Lebanon Romania


Faroe Islands Liberia Russia
Australia Finland Libya Saint Barthélemy
Austria France Lithuania Saint Vincent/Grenadines
Azerbaijan French Polynesia Luxembourg Saudi Arabia
Bahamas Gabon Macau Serbia
Bahrain Germany Madagascar Singapore
Bangladesh Ghana Malaysia Slovakia
Belgium Greece Malta Slovenia
Belize Greenland Martinique South Africa
Bermuda Grenada Mexico South Korea
Bosnia And Herzegovina Guam Moldova Spain
Botswana Guatemala Mongolia Suriname
Brazil Guernsey Montenegro Sweden
British Virgin Islands Guyana Morocco Switzerland
Brunei Honduras Namibia Taiwan
Bulgaria Hong Kong Nauru Thailand
Burma Hungary Netherlands Togo
Canada Iceland Netherlands Antilles Trinidad And Tobago
Chile India New Zealand Tunisia
China Indonesia Nicaragua Turkey
Colombia Iraq Nigeria Turkmenistan
Congo (Brazzaville) Ireland Northern Mariana Islands Turks And Caicos Islands
Congo (Kinshasa) Israel Norway U.S. Virgin Islands
Costa Rica Italy Pakistan Ukraine
Croatia Jamaica Panama United Arab Emirates
Cyprus Japan Papua New Guinea United Kingdom
Czech Republic Jersey Perú United States
Denmark Jordan Philippines Uruguay
Dominican Republic Kazakhstan Poland Vietnam
User Comments


"It has become our #1 go-to resource. With the addition of the operator ratings it is even better."
- charter brokerage


"I have tested it, please add our sales team as users."
- charter broker


"Wow...I like it...and we have been looking for such a resource..."
- charter broker


"Love that it's every aircraft in one place."
- U.S. Part-91 operator


"I would like to open it up to all of my people. Please upgrade my subscription."
- charter brokerage


"We like it!"
- charter brokerage


"The pop-up flight calculator tool is great."
- charter broker


"I like how easy it is, and everyone is there."
- charter operator


"This is THE most complete we have found."
- charter brokerage


"It looks great...looks to have more operators. I like the presentation, very easy and user friendly."
- aircraft broker


"Yes, thank you I logged in. What a great program!"
- charter operator


"I do like it...nice and easy for getting information."
- charter broker


"The send operator request function is great, I use it a lot."
- charter broker


"Yes, I am liking it for sure."
- charter broker


"I am finding it quite useful."
- charter broker


"Wow...I like it...and we have been looking for such a resource..."
- charter broker


"You've done some very nice work here, I have cancelled two other services and am saving $300/month. I have been recommending FLP to others."
- charter broker


"The site makes my vendor research sooooooooo easy..."
- charter broker


"It is accurate and really has the things we need for day to day research. The radius search is the most important feature for us."
- charter brokerage


"Info looks very good and the site is fast as opposed to others."
- charter individual


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