New Floating Fleet Air Charter Operators

Two more operators and nine aircraft have joined the floating fleet ranks recently, with two light jets, five midsize jets and a super mid jet.  The FlightList PRO Floating Fleet Resource continues to grow and includes operator and aircraft details for all jet charter point-to-point pricing jet options.

The resource now includes 202 jets with a total of 9 operators, whose primary business is one way flights and pricing with a floating fleet, plus an additional 12 jets with 4 operators who offer one way flights and pricing with select aircraft.

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Resource – Free 30-Day Trial

Floating fleet aircraft with point to point pricing are especially useful for one way flight needs, or round trip flights over many days.  They have no minimum charges and reduced positioning requirements since they do not have to come from, or to return to, a certain  base location and incur those costs.

Better serve your clients or company by taking advantage of FlightList PRO, the only air charter resource that includes all floating fleet operators and aircraft, along with every Part-135 jet, turboprop and piston in the US and the equivalent worldwide.  Free 30-day trials are now available.  Regular full service is just $90 for 3 users ($45 those outside the US).

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