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Announcing Jet Charter Floating Fleets Update; Now 23 Operators, 332 Aircraft

FlightList PRO, the largest resource for the air charter professional, announces a major update and recent additions to its Floating Fleets resource.

Floating fleet aircraft with one-way pricing are perhaps the fastest growing business segment in private jet charter.  Ten years ago a handful of operators and their dedicated fleets were pricing and flying point-to-point charters in the U.S.  Worldwide Jet, Segrave Aviation and Red Wing Aeroplane had been operating, and XOJET and Travel Management Company were just getting started.  Today the air charter industry has 23 operators with 332 dedicated floating aircraft; 14 with dedicated floating fleets, and 9 more operators with a number of jets floating and dedicated to point-to-point pricing.

The fast growing one-way-pricing segment of the air charter industry is captured in FlightList PRO’s Floating Fleet section, which is newly updated and includes all 23 operators and 332 aircraft with one-way pricing.

Private jet charter listings, floating fleet one way pricingRecent additions are 8 operators and 61 floating fleet aircraft to the resource, a 53% growth in floating aircraft operators and 23% growth in floating aircraft availability.  The resource is constantly updated.

A special user feature is the ability to select a number of floating fleet operators, and with one click request a flight quote or information.

Sizes and types of one-way priced jets available in the U.S. run the gamut from very light jets to long range intercontinental jets.  The Floating Fleet resource includes 12 VLJ’s, 44 light jets, 81 midsize jets, 51 super-midsize and 65 heavy and long range jets.

 Aircraft, operator, fleet and certificate information is constantly updated in the FlightList PRO resource, which leads the ever-changing air charter industry.

The FlightList PRO platform features every charter aircraft and operator automatically; over 1,600 operators and 7,500 aircraft in the U.S. alone, and 3,400 operators and 16,600 aircraft worldwide.  Air cargo and air ambulance segments are included as well.

Operator details are displayed such as auditor safety ratings, year of make, Wi-Fi enabled and more.  Aircraft can be searched and displayed to meet any number of parameters.

The most knowledgeable charter brokers in the industry are using FlightList PRO; 80% of its users have arranged charter more than 10 years, 25% more than 20 years.  Rates are just $90/month for 3 users.  Free 30-day trials are currently available.

Source:  FlightList PRO release.

Air Charter Alerts by FlightList PRO, are the latest announcements in the private air charter industry about operators, brokers and charter aircraft, and geared towards active participants in the industry.

Announcing New Private Jet Charter Operator

Announcing Part-135 charter operator Southern Sky Aviation and their Citation V light jet based in the Southeastern U.S.

The certificated FAA air carrier is also a full-service aviation company based in Birmingham, Alabama offering aircraft management services, maintenance, flight training and private charter flight service.

Editor’s note:  Southern Sky Aviation aircraft and operator information is available only in FlightList PRO, not in other charter sources.  FlightList PRO presents automatically every certificated charter operator and their full fleets – not selected aircraft or operators.  The multi-search platform includes all 16,631 charter aircraft and 3,419 charter operators worldwide, and is a key tool used every day by the most experienced brokers and travel professionals; 80% of those using FlightList PRO have arranged charters more than 10 years, and a full 1/4 – more than 20 years.

Southern Sky Aviation operates an 8-passenger Citation V light jet, based at KBHM Birmingham, AL, currently available for charter.  The jet is crewed only by ATP-rated (Airline Transport Pilot) pilots.  Charter service is operated under FAA certificate # 365A2510 by JetFast365, LLC/dba Southern Sky Aviation.

The Southern Sky Aviation Citation V light jet, now available for charter

The Southern Sky Aviation Citation V light jet, now available for charter.  Photo – Southern Sky Aviation.

Citation V cabin, operated by Southern Sky Aviation

Citation V cabin, available for charter and operated by Southern Sky Aviation.

Air Charter Alerts by FlightList PRO, are the latest announcements in the private air charter industry about operators, brokers and charter aircraft, and geared towards active participants in the industry.

The FlightList PRO multi-search platform which includes all 16,631 charter aircraft and 3,419 charter operators worldwide.  FlightList PRO is used by the most successful and experienced brokers and travel professionals in the industry; 80% of those using FlightList PRO have been arranging charters more than 10 years, and a full 1/4 – more than 20 years.  Currently 30-day free trials are available.

Announcing New California Jet Charter Operator (listed only in FlightList PRO)

JetsPlusAvailable only in FlightList PRO, charter operator JetsPlus flies their Citation light and midsize jets from their base at KFAT Fresno, CA, within easy positioning of the San Francisco Bay Area (132 NM), and Los Angeles (165 NM).  The aircraft are operated under FAA Part-135 certificate CVDA043D.

JetsPlus also operates for charter a Cessna 182 Skylane single engin piston based at Fresno Yosemite Int’l Airport.

JetsPlus is listed and available only in FlightList PRO.  Free 30-day trials upon request.
Full access for 3 users is available at only $90, no contract, cancel any time.

Announcing Yet Another Charter Operator Available Only in FlightList PRO

Announcing  charter operator North Central Air Charter and thier fleet of two Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and a Citation Ultra light jet available from KDPA, DuPage Airport in West Chicago.  North Central also operates two Cirrus SR22 piston aircraft for regional charters.

Chicago Jet Charter North Central Air CharterFrom North Central Air Charter:
Charter Bird, LLC doing business as North Central Air Charter (FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number T77A675I) is a reliable, experienced operator of private jet, turboprop, and piston charter aircraft. Our crews are certified by the FAA and highly experienced. Many have military and significant civilian experience. Our aircraft are top-notch, maintained to an impeccable standard, and safe. We’re based in the Chicagoland suburbs at Du Page Airport, but can start your trip from anywhere.

North Central Air Charter is available only in the FlightList PRO platform.

FlightList PRO makes available many more operators and aircraft nationwide and worldwide than any other service.

For example in the greater Chicagoland area alone,  several charter operators and their 19 aircraft -turboprops through midsize jets- are available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

FlightList PRO is currently offering a 30-day Free Trial through it’s website, no credit card or committment required.  After that it is only $90 monthly for 3 users full access, no contract – cancel any time.  The largest availability of charter aircraft in the world – and the friendliest terms.

Operator FlightWorks Adds 4 Mid & Heavy Jets – Only in FlightList PRO

flightworksCharter operator FlightWorks, Inc., based in Kennesaw, Georgia outside Atlanta, and the Southeast’s largest on-demand private air charter operator, has experienced records growth of its charter fleet in 2015.  The recent additions of a Hawker 800XP, Gulfstream 200, Challenger 601 and Falcon top off a great fourth quarter of fleet growth.

Atlanta jet charter flightworksThe new additions are based in strategic locations that will help to broaden our charter services, including the greater Boston area, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Miami.   Selective charter clientele demand modern amenities such as Gogo High Speed Internet and connected cabin entertainment systems, and these aircraft deliver on those needs.

“Our message is resonating with aircraft owners” said Dan Lucey, President of FlightWorks.  Lucey went on to add “transparency, managing the aircraft to preserve long-term value, and delivering on the individual goals of each aircraft owner is the core of our value statement, and the ability to execute on that promise has led to this outstanding growth of our fleet”.

FlightWorks’ full fleet of 16 passenger charter jets are listed only in FlightList PRO, at least 4 jets more than any other service.

The aircraft will be available for on demand charter and as part of FlightPASS®, FlightWorks innovative family of jet card programs.  Business today demands efficiency and private air charter can eliminate long check-in lines, security wait times, mechanical delays and more.  As a result, FlightWorks is seeing increased use of private charter as a way to streamline time-consuming commercial travel.

Pentastar Adds Falcon 2000LXS, Five Aircraft Now Only In FlightList PRO…

New 2014 Falcon 2000LXS operated for charter by Pentastar Aviation Charter.

New 2014 Falcon 2000LXS operated for charter by Pentastar Aviation Charter.

Pentastar Aviation Charter has added a 2014 Falcon 2000LXS to it’s available charter fleet.  The new aircraft based at KPTK Pontiac-Oakland County Airport features 9 seats, berthing for 4, a forward galley, HD+ Cabin Entertainment System and Wi-Fi on board.

This brings to 11 the total charter aircraft on certificate and available from Pentastart Aviation Charter, based at KPTK and at KIND Indianapolis.

All 11 Pentastar aircraft are available only in FlightList PRO; other industry sources list 6 or less.  

Pentastar’s full fleet on Part-135 certificate includes 3 long range and heavy jets, 2 super-midsize jets, 4 midsize and light jets, and a Cessna 182 for economical regional hops.

Pentastar and their new Falcon 2009LXS are rated ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and registered IS-BAO, as shown in FlightList PRO.

Announcing New Operator, Pilatus PC-12 Based Aspen, CO – Only in FlightList PRO

Pilatus PC-12 N8YU is available for charter and now based at KASE Aspen, Colorado and operated under cert. # 3CRA585M by Bubba Air LLC.

The 2006 PC-12 is one of just three charter aircraft based at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport.  Others are a King Air 350 and Embraer Phenom 100 operated by Mayo Aviation.

With seating for up to 7 passengers maximum, the Pilatus PC-12 clocks just a 30 minute flight to Denver, 2 hours 45 minutes to Dallas and 3 hours to Los Angeles.

Aircraft and operator are only in FlightList PRO

Aspen private air charter

Pilatus PC-12 for charter based Aspen, CO

Pilatus PC-12 for charter based Aspen, CO

Interior of Pilatus PC-12 for charter based Aspen, CO

TWC Aviation Now Landmark – 4th Largest Fleet In Charter

Landmark Aviation Charter OperatorCharter operator Landmark Aviation has completed the re-branding of TWC Aviation based in Van Nuys and San Jose, CA following the acquisition in April 2015 and is now operating under the Landmark name.  TWC was founded in 1998 and most recently operated 29 jets of various makes and sizes.  TWC’s operating certificate remains intact and operations are now under the Landmark name.

Temporary Landmark signage is up at both California locations.  TWC’s office in White Plains, NY has been relocated to the Landmark facility at HPN, and the Scottsdale, AZ airport recently opened office is now closed.

Landmark Aviation’s charter fleet now numbers 63, the fourth largest charter fleet behind Executive Jet Management with 100 aircraft for charter, Travel Management Company with 67 and Delta Private Jets with 65 aircraft.

Landmark’s entire charter fleet is only available in FlightList PRO.  

Landmark has been on a growth run the past two years, having acquired several operators including Galvin Flying Service in Seattle, WA, Sterling Aviation in Milwaukee, Midlantic Jet Charters in Atlantic City, and now TWC Aviation in California.  These, in addition to Landmarks existing charter fleets in North Carolina and South Dakota.

The New Citation M2- Charter Report; How Does It Compare?

Fred George and Business & Commercial Aviation just published an in-depth look at the new Cessna’s Citation M2 from Textron Aviation.  It’s the third iteration of the CitationJet which debuted in 1992.

The M2 is luring considerably more buyers than some competitors for very compelling reasons noted below.  With deliveries beginning in late 2013, including 60 aircraft last year and more than two dozen delivered to date in 2015, there are now more than 95 aircraft in the fleet.

That’s an impressive record for a low-risk, lean-budget derivative’s entry into what’s still a tepid market. Many times, clean-sheet designs get all the attention. With this aircraft, it was attention to detail that mattered.

Little has changed in the M2’s airframe compared to the original CitationJet. It retains the 58-in. inside diameter, circular cross-section fuselage of the original 1971 Citation 500, a semi-monocoque structure fabricated from conventional aluminum alloys, using rivets, fasteners and adhesive bonding. Composites are used to save weight in fairings, the nose radome and other non-load-bearing components.

What is important for charter customers?

The M2 is 22 kt. faster than the CJ1+ and 53 kt. faster than the Embraer Phenom 100E at FL 410, assuming standard-day temperatures and 9,000-lb. cruise weights. In August, Textron Aviation announced a boost in maximum takeoff field elevation to 14,000 ft. The M2’s more-powerful Williams FJ44 turbofans are the reason.

Citation M2

10 M2’s are available for charter; 9 throughout the US and 1 in Germany.  All are listed with operator and details in FlightList PRO.

The M2 seats 6 passengers, including a 4-place club, with a side-facing seat across from the entry door and a belted lavatory seat.

The cabin features an automatic pressurization controller that provides up to 8.5 psi of differential pressure, sufficient to maintain an 8,000-ft. cabin altitude at FL 410, the aircraft’s maximum cruise altitude. The DC-powered, vapor-cycle air conditioner may be operated anytime in flight or by the right generator or GPU on the ground. Thus, the cabin can be cooled on the ground prior to engine start. The interior has single-zone temperature control, but a five-position flow divider enables the crew to modulate the temperature of the cabin separately from the cockpit.

The M2’s cabin cross-section is smaller than those of some entry-level jets and the floor is narrower. But the interior has been completely redesigned to make it more functional, comfortable and space efficient. The cabin window reveals, for instance, have been flattened to allow more ambient light to flood the interior from the 11-in.-wide by 15-in.-tall transparencies. The seats have retractable inboard armrests to provide easier passage through the aisle. The four club chairs have tilt, swivel, lateral and fore/aft track adjustments. Left- and right-side, foldout worktables may be extended between pairs of facing club chairs. There are left- and right-side 110-volt AC power outlets, below the worktable pockets in the sidewalls.

There also are USB charging ports and audio jacks. Each passenger seat has an air outlet, LED reading light and oxygen mask in the overhead.

Charter Citation M2 light jet interior

Main cabin has four club chairs with standard swivel, track, recline and fore/aft adjustments. Furnishings are top notch. Standard is a belted potty and forward side-facing seats.

Unable to measure interior sound levels at cruise, subjectively the M2 appears to have one of the quietest cabins in the entry-level turbine aircraft class. Notably, interior fit and finish, including cabinetry, tables, sidewalls and leathers, are top notch, befitting a $4.5 million business aircraft. In our opinion, interior quality is unmatched in this class of aircraft.

The M2’s cabin dimensions, window size and baggage capacity quite clearly are smaller than those of some competitors. But its longest missions won’t exceed 3+00 to 3+30 duration, so those shortcomings are less important than they would be in an aircraft with more range.

Two external baggage compartments have a combined 43.1-cu.-ft. capacity, one-quarter less than some competitors. But the forward 12.7-cu.-ft. compartment in the nose has a 400-lb. capacity and the aft 30.2-ft. compartment, available with an optional ski tube, has a 325-lb. capacity. In contrast, the Phenom 100E has a 7-cu.-ft. forward baggage compartment and a 53-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment.

Cessna Citation M2 light jet. Nine are currently available for charter in the US.

Cessna Citation M2 light jet. Nine are currently available for charter in the US.

The M2 isn’t the largest aircraft in the entry-level turbine aircraft market, but it’s unsurpassed for speed, safety and single-pilot ease of operations, in our opinion. It will cruise at 380 to 390 KTAS at typical jet altitudes. With typical options and at high-speed cruise, it will fly one pilot and four passengers 1,150 nm in 2 hr., 49 min., assuming standard day conditions. It will climb directly to FL 410, its maximum cruise altitude, in 24 min. That’s 27% faster than its closest competitor.

Read the full article from Business & Commercial Aviation at here –

New Floating Fleet Air Charter Operators

Two more operators and nine aircraft have joined the floating fleet ranks recently, with two light jets, five midsize jets and a super mid jet.  The FlightList PRO Floating Fleet Resource continues to grow and includes operator and aircraft details for all jet charter point-to-point pricing jet options.

The resource now includes 202 jets with a total of 9 operators, whose primary business is one way flights and pricing with a floating fleet, plus an additional 12 jets with 4 operators who offer one way flights and pricing with select aircraft.

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Resource – Free 30-Day Trial

Floating fleet aircraft with point to point pricing are especially useful for one way flight needs, or round trip flights over many days.  They have no minimum charges and reduced positioning requirements since they do not have to come from, or to return to, a certain  base location and incur those costs.

Better serve your clients or company by taking advantage of FlightList PRO, the only air charter resource that includes all floating fleet operators and aircraft, along with every Part-135 jet, turboprop and piston in the US and the equivalent worldwide.  Free 30-day trials are now available.  Regular full service is just $90 for 3 users ($45 those outside the US).

Announcing New Charter Operator Directory – Capabilities & Results

FlightList PRO’s new Operator Directory and functions make locating operators and their information easier and faster.

Now locate any charter operators by Name, City, State/Providence, Country or airport ICAO.  Display operators with an aircraft based at any selected airport, or any selected city, state or country.  

For example if you search operators by KLAS, you will see every operator with an aircraft based at KLAS Las Vegas, NV, (currently 19 operators) in any of the certification categories; passenger, cargo and ambulance.  Similarly, display operators by city, state and country.  If you search by City: Las Vegas you will see operators with an aircraft based at any Las Vegas airport.  If you search by State: Nevada you will see operators with an aircraft based at any airport in Nevada.

Air Charter Operator Directory

Air Charter Operator Directory & Sort Functions

Displayed immediately are operators and their phone, email and headquarters location, plus a link to their website.  Click the operator name for the operator details popup window showing full contact info, ratings and fleet information.

All Operator Directory and Operator Information pages are now sort-able by column.  Sort by aircraft name, number of seats, year of make, registration, base airport and more.

Use the new charter operator directory here.

FlightList PRO Shares Anecdotes, Expands Features

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

Fresh off the latest update, FlightList PRO’s search features expanded last week with a new aircraft type search, fast new search interface, and plenty of jets that are missing in other services.

In the private air charter business, time is money.  Users now can easily select multiple aircraft types along with any other search parameters to quickly locate the perfect aircraft-specific choices.  Search results also display in an average 1.2 seconds.

Hundreds of jets and numerous operators in FlightList PRO are not found in other services.  FlightList PRO automatically includes every certified aircraft and operator, and remains by far the most complete in the U.S., Europe and worldwide.  Below are several actual anecdotes FlightList PRO recently shared with its users;

“Today charter operator Integrated Flight Resources, Inc. with their 5 light and midsize jets in the Chicago area told us, “‘We do not participate in Avinode®'”. 

“Yesterday we updated Solairus Aviation’s new G-V on certificate, and were told that the same Sweden-based listing service is limited to 20 of their aircraft.  Where are the other 19?   FLP has all 39 nationwide.”

“To follow on, this week in the course of updating operators we learned of some others – Altius Aviation (Northeast US), Jet Edge (nationwide US) and Vertis Aviation (Europe) are missing numbers of aircraft in the other sourcing platforms.   We know this is the case consistently but want to make sure YOU know these facts and the options you have with FLP not found elsewhere.”

With 8,289 aircraft and 1,777 operators in the US (16,631/3,419 worldwide), FlightList PRO is providing users more aircraft and operators in a professional platform, and more success booking charters.  FlightList PRO subscriptions are $30/person ($90 for 3).  A free 30-day trial is currently available.

Now 5 Bay Area Charter Operators Offer Falcon 2000’s

CTP Aviation at KHWD Hayward, CA is adding a 2003 Falcon 2000EX new to charter.  N104MT fresh with a registry change, seats 10 passengers and includes on board Wi-Fi internet.

Now 5 operators in the California Bay Area operate 7 Falcon 2000+ models for charter, based at Oakland, San Jose and now Hayward.  Models include the Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 2000LX and 2000EX EASy.  Passenger seats range from 8 to 12, and year makes are from 1995 to 2013.

Falcon 2000 models charter listing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Falcon 2000 models for charter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Falcon 2000EX New To Charter, operated by CTP Aviation

Falcon 2000EX New To Charter, operated by CTP Aviation

Falcon 2000EX New To Charter, operated by CTP Aviation

New Capabilities Added To FlightList PRO Platform

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

Today FlightList PRO announces an improved search platform, with both more search abilities and a better, easier interface.

With the platform you have the most location search options available in the market today.

Your new capabilities include searching multiple aircraft types in conjunction with any or all other search parameters.  Simply click on as many aircraft types as desired for your search.  For example, need to locate all ultra long range jets in any country?  Choose the country then click on Gulfstream V, 550, 650 and Global 5000, 6000, Express and Express XRS.  Users can now choose as few or as many aircraft types as desired along with any or all other search parameters.

You may use any or all search parameters including:

  • Certified for: (Passenger, Cargo, Ambulance, Amphibian-Passenger)
  • Search by: (ICAO, IATA, City, Country)
  • Radius: (0 – 2000 miles)
  • Number of Passengers: (Any number desired)
  • Aircraft Category: (Heavy, Super-Mid, Mid, Light, VLJ, Turboprop, Piston, VIP Airliner, Jet Airliner, Turboprop Airliner, Piston Airliner, Helicopter – Twin, Helicopter – Single)
  • Or Aircraft Type: (any type currently on certificate worldwide)
  • Ratings: (any operator’s audit ratings)

At just $30 per user with no contract required, FlightList PRO is the least expensive by far, most friendly and most complete service available today, with 100% of the market worldwide.  See About Us for details.

Available now – free 30-day trial access, no credit card required.  Experience the new fastest-growing service today.

Floating Fleet Charter Operator Listing Updated

With a recent update, the FlightList PRO Floating Fleets section now shows 11 charter operators with 205 jets dedicated to point-to-point pricing.  Aircraft types run the gamut of business jets, from light jet to heavy and long range jets.  With the update, below are the totals by category of charter jets available in the U.S. for point-to-point pricing.

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

  • 83 light jets
  • 50 midsize jets
  • 36 super midsize jets
  • 19 Heavy and long range jets

Charter pricing with floating fleets can be quite advantageous for one way needs or round trips over many days.  Cancellation terms can vary and be stricter with the pricing advantage and the logistics of point-to-point charter flying.  Most operators are non-cancelable inside 72 hours from scheduled departure while some are shorter or even immediately upon booking.  With this typical business model, most floating fleets are owned by the operator or are under management agreements whereby separate ‘owner approval’ is not required.  Ages of floating fleet aircraft, much like traditional charter fleets, vary from brand new production line aircraft to manufacture dates in the 70’s or 80’s.  All listed operators have at least one independent auditor safety rating, and more than half have 3 of the top ratings; ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and ISBAO Registered.

About FlightList PRO
FlightList PRO is the largest air charter resource in the world.  100% of the market; complete and easy access to all U.S., European and international aircraft.  Compare the numbers; 8,289 charter aircraft in the US, 3,008 in Europe and 16,631 worldwide.  Also the lowest cost platform; worldwide full access starts at just $90 for 3 users and $30 each additional ($45/$15 those outside the US) with no contracts, cancel anytime.  FlightList PRO is an everyday favorite of leading travel professionals, corporate travel departments and large charter brokerages.

Upgraded – Request Multiple Quotes From Your Search Results

Feature Upgraded:
From your search results, check-mark all the aircraft you wish and click Create Operator Request to send each operator a private message for a quote or question.  Even see a sample of what your request looks like.  Operators can simply reply back to you.  You also receive a summary of your request showing each aircraft and operator contact you sent to, so you can easily track or follow up.

FlightList PRO Air Charter Search Results

FlightList PRO Air Charter Listing Search Results

Now Search Aircraft by Country, Worldwide

Now locate desired aircraft and operators BY COUNTRY if desired.  Select your search parameters and under “Search By”, choose “Country” and enter the country name.  Displayed will be all aircraft in your parameters located ONLY in that country.

You may combine country search with any combination of other search parameters including Certification, Number Passengers, Aircraft Category, Aircraft Name, Ratings.

Charter Aircraft by CountryThis is useful worldwide when locating certain charter or cargo aircraft in a specific country, for example; Italy, Germany, Japan, China or 128 other countries.

FlightList PRO is the only service with this feature, and the largest air charter & cargo resource, with 16,631 certified aircraft worldwide.