Announcing Jet Charter Floating Fleets Update; Now 23 Operators, 332 Aircraft

FlightList PRO, the largest resource for the air charter professional, announces a major update and recent additions to its Floating Fleets resource.

Floating fleet aircraft with one-way pricing are perhaps the fastest growing business segment in private jet charter.  Ten years ago a handful of operators and their dedicated fleets were pricing and flying point-to-point charters in the U.S.  Worldwide Jet, Segrave Aviation and Red Wing Aeroplane had been operating, and XOJET and Travel Management Company were just getting started.  Today the air charter industry has 23 operators with 332 dedicated floating aircraft; 14 with dedicated floating fleets, and 9 more operators with a number of jets floating and dedicated to point-to-point pricing.

The fast growing one-way-pricing segment of the air charter industry is captured in FlightList PRO’s Floating Fleet section, which is newly updated and includes all 23 operators and 332 aircraft with one-way pricing.

Private jet charter listings, floating fleet one way pricingRecent additions are 8 operators and 61 floating fleet aircraft to the resource, a 53% growth in floating aircraft operators and 23% growth in floating aircraft availability.  The resource is constantly updated.

A special user feature is the ability to select a number of floating fleet operators, and with one click request a flight quote or information.

Sizes and types of one-way priced jets available in the U.S. run the gamut from very light jets to long range intercontinental jets.  The Floating Fleet resource includes 12 VLJ’s, 44 light jets, 81 midsize jets, 51 super-midsize and 65 heavy and long range jets.

 Aircraft, operator, fleet and certificate information is constantly updated in the FlightList PRO resource, which leads the ever-changing air charter industry.

The FlightList PRO platform features every charter aircraft and operator automatically; over 1,600 operators and 7,500 aircraft in the U.S. alone, and 3,400 operators and 16,600 aircraft worldwide.  Air cargo and air ambulance segments are included as well.

Operator details are displayed such as auditor safety ratings, year of make, Wi-Fi enabled and more.  Aircraft can be searched and displayed to meet any number of parameters.

The most knowledgeable charter brokers in the industry are using FlightList PRO; 80% of its users have arranged charter more than 10 years, 25% more than 20 years.  Rates are just $90/month for 3 users.  Free 30-day trials are currently available.

Source:  FlightList PRO release.

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