New Long Range Intl Jet Charter Operator W/Fleet G650s, Global 6000s, Falcon 7X

Enter Phenix Jet International, LLC, and it’s charter fleet of – currently 5 – long range jets.  With ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman ratings backing up it’s intercontinental aircraft capabilities.

  • 2014 Gulfstream 650ER
  • 2011 Gulfstream G650
  • 2012 Global 6000
  • 2011 Global 6000
  • 2014 Falcon 7X

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U.S.-registered and operated, the long range jets are based between Tokyo, Japan and Kong Kong, positioned for Asian transport as well as U.S./Asia nonstop luxury transports.

Asian based aircraft with U.S. operators, and holding ARGUS and Wyvern ratings are a rare availability in the far East.  Just 10 other operators out of 51 with aircraft in China, Hong Kong or Japan hold ARGUS or Wyvern ratings.  4 of the 10 are U.S. operators Avjet Corporation, Executive Jet Management, Jet Aviation and Zetta Jet.  Source- FlightList PRO

By TAMIYUKI KIHARA/ Staff Writer, The Asahi Shimbun Aug. 5, 2017

Charter Gulfstream G650 jet operated by Phenix Jet. Photo: Sojitz Corp.

Gulfstream G650 jet operated by Phenix Jet.  Photo: Sojitz Corp.

Major trading house Sojitz Corp. has set up a company to operate jet planes for wealthy individuals and corporate customers outside Japan in the rest of Asia.

Sojitz set up the subsidiary firm Phenix Jet International LLC in the United States, and has opened an office in Hong Kong, with the aim of offering “business jets” that can accommodate between four and 20 passengers.

The company is hoping to tap into demand for similar aircraft, which is expected to grow among wealthy people in China and Southeast Asia.

In operating the business, Sojitz will keep the jet planes on behalf of their owners and undertake centralized management of their maintenance, arrangement of pilots and operation of flights.

The company has already invested several hundred million yen (several million dollars) in the firm, which will be operated under the “Phenix Jet” brand.

Sojitz is not new to the business sector. It has been operating business jets, mostly in Japan, since 2003, and currently has about 10 jet planes available for the business.

The operation of business jets is flourishing in Western countries. Japan Airlines Co. began operating similar aircraft in France in May.

Demand for the mode of transport is also rising in Asia, partly because they allow efficient mobility in areas that are not served by regular flights. Sojitz expects there will be new demand for 1,000 more business jets in Asia alone over the next 10 years.

Source:  Public news article / The Asahi Shimbun / company materials

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