New To Florida Charter; Global Express and Challenger 601 based KPBI

Global Express charter Florida

Global Express newly available for charter based in West Palm Beach, FL and operated by Jet Access Aviation, LLC.

Aircraft management company and charter operator Jet Access Aviation, LLC has just announced two major additions to its charter certificate.

  • Newly available for charter is their West Palm Beach-based 13-passenger Global Express that was fully refurbished in 2016 and has free domestic Wi-Fi along with a state of the art entertainment system.
  • Also new to the fleet is a floating 9-passenger 1994 Challenger 601-3R that was fully refurbished in 2015 and also has free domestic Wi-Fi.

All 12 Jet Access Aviation charter aircraft are available in FlightList PRO.

Both aircraft are immediately available for charter. “We are excited about our growth with these additions to our certificate in the first quarter and look forward to the rest of 2016” says Jack E. Lambert Jr., President and Founder of Jet Access Aviation.

Jet Access Aviation is an ARGUS Platinum rated air charter operator with a total of 12 charter aircraft, light jets through heavy and the ultra long range Global Express, based in Florida, Indiana and Colorado.

Source:  Jet Access Aviation press release

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