Naljets Adds New Challenger 350 to Charter Fleet Based UK

Naljets Charter UK2014 Challenger 350, G-SCAR, is now available and operated by NAL Flight Partner (Naljets) for charter, based EGNM Leeds Bradord, UK.  The new jet will be chartering along side the company’s Gulfstream 200 also based out of the UK.  The Challenger is capable of transcontinental flight with a range of 3,200 nautical miles (5,926km) and features luxury cabin space that can accommodate 10 passengers.  It has some of the world’s most advanced avionics technology, including a ‘Synthetic Vision System’ which overlays outside terrain as well as runway and airport features on to the cockpit displays in bad weather.

Naljets managing director Craig McLeod added, “Last year we received record numbers of charter requests for our aircraft. The addition of the new Challenger expands our capability further and, being the first Challenger 350 registered in the UK, the interest in the aircraft is very strong.”

Naljets specializes in discreet acquisition and aircraft management services for business jet owners and companies, including management and consulting on all aspects from purchase to parking, flight operations, journey management, flight and ground crew training and provision.  Naljets charter fleet is available in FlightList Pro.

Challenger 350 G-SCAR jet charter based UK

Interior of Challenger 350 G-SCAR jet charter based UK

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