New Midsize Cross-Country Jet Coming To Charter 2015?

In typical clockwork fashion Cessna has achieved FAA type certification again, this time for the midsize Citation Latitude.  This past Friday the Latitude won certification and is clear for deliveries to begin third quarter 2015.

With its first flight during February of last year, the aircraft began a fast-track test program in recent Cessna trend which resulted in its type rating certificate on schedule.  NetJets is among the first customers for delivery with an existing order of 150 Latitudes.  Others with orders for 2015 early delivery is a closely held list.

At first glance it’s likely a new midsize jet will be available for transcontinental non-stops this coming winter and springs as deliveries continue.

The Latitude is a midsize jet seating up to 9 with two standard cabin configurations, one featuring a club of four with two additional froward facing seats, a cabin-forward bench for two and a rear belted lav.  The aircraft fits between the XLS and the Sovereign in the Citation lineup and the Latitude carries an outward resemblance of both.  It is described as a superior, flat-floor, stand-up cabin, 6-feet tall, 77 inches wide and 21 feet long.   the Latitude cabin is taller and wider than the Sovereign.   Airspeed at 446 kts max cruise is similar to the Sovereign and XLS.

Another Coast-to-Coast Mid?
The Latitude offers a range of up to 2,850 NM.  The Hawker 800XP, one of the most popular midsize charter jets known for coast-to-coast charter nonstops, has a published max range of 2,540 NM.  Practical charter use will dictate, but at first glance its likely a new midsize jet will be available for transcontinental non-stops this coming winter and springs as deliveries continue.

If/when the coast-to-coast nonstop charter capability becomes reality, the Latitude should be a hot commodity in the midsize charter market.

2015 Cessna Citation Latitude

2015 Cessna Citation Latitude

Citation Latitude Cabin

Citation Latitude Cabin

Citation Latitude Cabin - forward bench for two

Citation Latitude Cabin – forward bench for two




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