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Bliss Jet Launches Individually-Ticketed Private Jet Passenger Service New York To London

Bliss JetBliss Jet announced yesterday the first individually-ticketed private jet flights between New York and London on a regular schedule, according to a press release from the company. This new service offers sophisticated travelers an ultra-exclusive transatlantic travel experience that is significantly more efficient, convenient and secure than the airlines’ first and business class products.

Pre-screened travelers, who are accustomed to flying private or in premium cabins, can begin taking advantage of Bliss Jet’s new class of service between New York’s Westchester County Airport and London’s Biggin Hill Airport in September. Bliss Jet is now accepting reservations.

According to the Bliss Jet website, the leadership team consists of David Rimmer, Toni Drummond, Omar Diaz and other familiar names in the U.S. jet charter industry.

“Bliss Jet is for people who schedule time in minutes, not hours,” says President and CEO David Rimmer. “We will cater to discerning, intercontinental travelers who seek a unique, private jet experience that is superior to any scheduled premium cabin service, yet far more cost-effective than bespoke private jet charter.”

Bliss Jet’s premier service will enable busy travelers to circumvent the hassles of flying from congested major airports. According to the company, Bliss Jet passengers can expect to:

• Arrive at the airport only 30 minutes before departure
• Board an aircraft just a few steps from the private terminal
• Benefit from discreet, highly professional security
• Avoid lengthy airport and flight delays
• Proceed rapidly through boarding, deplaning and customs
• Arrive faster at their final destination with immediate baggage retrieval and ground

“We are offering all the advantages of a private jet experience on optimally-scheduled flights that bypass the inefficiencies of business class travel,” Rimmer says. “Not since the days of the Concorde has a door-to-door journey between New York and London been this fast or refined.”

Bliss Jet passengers will be able to choose custom meals from an extensive menu, access a variety of inflight entertainment options, and connect to worldwide Wi-Fi. Upon request, Bliss Concierge services will arrange ground or helicopter transportation, or private charters for passengers flying to another location.

Bliss Jet flights will depart from New York on Sunday nights so that passengers will arrive at London’s uncrowded Biggin Hill Airport refreshed, relaxed, and ready for a productive work week. Return flights depart from London after lunch on Friday so passengers can schedule morning meetings and arrive back in the United States for a family dinner or a Broadway play. Travelers accustomed to private jet charter will appreciate that Bliss Jet provides virtually the same amenities at a fraction of the cost. Seats on the 14-passenger jets will cost $11,995 each way. Unlike crowded business class sections, Bliss Jet will limit seat sales well below the maximum aircraft’s capacity for extra comfort.

“Bliss Jet security will be supervised by top global firms in New York and London to ensure the safety and security of everyone on board,” Rimmer says. “Our security team, complemented by high-level security intelligence, will provide comprehensive, discreet coverage that far exceeds regulatory requirements and the industry’s best practices.”

Every flight will be operated by a highly-experienced carrier and crew on aircraft judged superior by respected third-party safety audit standards such as Wyvern Wingman, ARGUS Platinum ISBAO and the Air Charter Safety Foundation. The initial schedule of flights will be operated for Bliss Jet by Jet Access Aviation under a Public Charter approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Bliss Jet CEO David Rimmer is an experienced premium air travel and charter industry innovator. He will lead a seasoned team of private jet professionals who will ensure Bliss Jet passengers receive the highest level of customer service. A pioneer with more than 15 years of private aviation leadership experience, Rimmer has created exponential growth and generated significant success in the private aviation market by championing industry-leading safety standards and business practices.

“Throughout our careers in private aviation, the Bliss Jet team and I have catered to the needs of the world’s most prominent and successful people, including CEOs, heads of state, royalty, film and music superstars, and ultra-high net worth individuals, all of whom have very high expectations when they travel,” Rimmer explains. “Bliss Jet will capitalize on that priceless insight to meet, and exceed, the expectations of these discriminating passengers.”

Source:  company press release

London Executive Aviation Adds King Air B200 to UK

King Air 200 charter UKBased on the Isle Of Man in the UK, London Executive Aviation’s new King Air B200 is now available for private charter.  The 2003 aircraft, registration G-CIFE, has six armchair seats and smaller side-facing seat, all in grey leather.  Boasting a bar and separate lav, G-CIFE has updated avionics and 4-bladed props which ensure a quieter cabin.


ONLY IN FLIGHTLIST PRO – Just Added: Boeing 757-200 VIP Based London UK

TAG Aviation (UK) LTD now has G-TCSX, the Boeing 757 VIP charter airliner, available in 58 or 72 passenger configurations.  Based at EGGW London-Luton Airport, it compliments the UK fleet of 17 executive jets operated by TAG UK ranging from Citation CJ3 to Gulfstream 550.

Listed only in FlightList Pro.

Boeing 757-200 VIP Charter by Tag Aviation UK

Boeing 757-200 VIP Charter by Tag Aviation UK

Arena Aviation: Two Citation XLS Available For Charter at London-Biggin Hill, UK

Citation XLS- G-XLTV and G-SLTV are available for charter, based EGKB Biggin Hill, UK.  The model year 2005 and 2008 midsize jets are certified for maximum 8 passengers.  Biggin Hill airport is approximately 12 miles/19 KM southeast of central London and a short reposition flight to any London-metro airport.

Citation XLS operated by Arena Aviation, London-Biggin Hill UK

Citation XLS operated by Arena Aviation, London-Biggin Hill UK