New 2016 Citation Latitude Midsize Jet Now For Charter From Midwest U.S.

ExcelAire charter operatorA brand new 2016 midsize Citation Latitude is now avaialble for charter from the midwestern U.S.  Charter operator Excelaire announces the addition of the new Latitude, this aircraft is not based at Excelaire’s New York headquarters, however.  The aircraft calls KOSU home, in Columbus, OH.

ExcelAire’s new Citation Latitude is an elegant business jet that features a spacious stand-up cabin (height 6 feet), with seating for 8 passengers.  With outstanding runway performance and considerable range (7 hours non-stop), the Citation Latitude is ideal for a variety of coast to coast and intercontinental trips.  The aircraft is equipped with onboard Wi-Fi internet.

ExcelAire‘s Latitude and full fleet of 11 aircraft are available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

Just 9 Latitude’s are currently available for charter in the U.S., from 9 different operators, according charter aircraft resource FlightList PRO.  All except one are based in the Midwest to Eastern U.S.

The Citation Latitude is positioned between the Citation XLS+ and Sovereign executive jets.  It’s mid-range specs make the Latitude a capable contender for transcontinental or cross Europe flights, but it’s in the cabin where the aircraft really shines.  And, as any air charter broker will tell you, cabins help sell charters.  The Latitude has the largest cross-section of any Citation that Cessna has built, and its windowns are 25% larger.

Citation Latitude midsize business jet for charter.

Citation Latitude midsize business jet for charter. Photo: Flying Magazine

The aircraft can get from coast-to-coast in the US. You’ll be more comfortable on the way there in a Latitude, especially as the cabin pressurisation has been lowered to 9.7psi – effectively meaning that at cruise height, the cabin feels like it’s at just 6,000ft.

“With the new Latitude, we now offer another choice in midsize jets and continue our momentum of growing our fleet — with one more addition expected before the end of the year,” said Robert Molsbergen, President of ExcelAire.  “We are proud to provide the ultimate private jet charter experience, with truly personalized service and the best-in-class team of private jet travel professionals.”

Source:  Excelaire press release
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