Three Midsize Jets Added to Florida and Midwest with Jet Access Aviation

jet-access-aviation-logo-newCharter operator Jet Access Aviation has added 3 Wi-Fi equipped midsize jets to its charter fleet available immediately.

A new-to-fleet Hawker 800XP and Citation III are based in the midwest (JVY) near Louisville, KY.  The third is a Citation VII based West Palm Beach, FL (PBI).  All are equipped with Wi-Fi internet.

Jet Access Aviation‘s full fleet of 15 aircraft is ONLY available in FlightList PRO.

The Jet Access Aviation charter fleet has grown to 15 aircraft total, light cabin through heavy jets.  The majority are based in the midwest and Florida, with a midsize Citation Excel in Atlanta, GA.

The company has an ARG/US Platinum rating.

Source: company announcement

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