Donald Trump’s Aircraft – Meet The Fleet

New York (CNN) Donald Trump is known for his larger-than-life personality, a trait visible from his fleet of aircraft: A large airliner sized plane, a corporate jet and two helicopters.

The largest is a Boeing 757-200 and emblazoned with “Trump” in golden letters and a huge red “T” on the four story tall tail.

Trump Boeing 757In a commercial configuration it could carry as many as 228 passengers if it were filled with economy seats, but there’s nothing “economy” about this plane.

Trump’s 757 is designed to carry 43 passengers secured with 24 caret gold plated seat belts, according to a video tour of the aircraft his company posted in 2011. It features a dining room, big screen TVs, a master and a guest bedroom and even a shower.

Trump’s plane was built in 1991 and one of his companies took ownership in 2010, according to FAA records.

The 757 replaced Trump’s older and more costly to fly 727 built in 1968 and originally flown by American Airlines.  It was sold to a charter company which now flies it in Asia.

Trump also owns a Cessna Citation X corporate jet.

Trump Citation X business jetPainted white the plane features the Trump family crest in gold near the passenger door, but unlike his larger plane does not prominently display Trump’s name.

The plane’s FAA registration number, N725DT, does include his initials and the address of New York’s Trump Tower (725 5th Ave).

Trump also owns two Sikorsky S-76B helicopters built in 1989 and 1992.

Trump Sikorsky S76Four aircraft is actually a major downsize for Trump who once owned an airline with a fleet of 17 planes.

The billionaire bought Eastern Airline’s shuttle service for $380 million dollars in 1989 and offered frequent flights between cities in the northeast, but soon faced financial difficulty.

The Trump fleet is based conveniently at New York airports, one of the country’s most popular regions for corporate and private charter aircraft.  The region contains hundreds of corporate jets and New York jet charters based across the metro area at four New York metro general aviation airports – Teterboro, White Plains/Westchester, Farmingdale and Islip.

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