Operator Neptune Aviation Starts Scheduled Flights On Membership Basis

Neptune Aviation, a Part-135 charter operator based at KMSO Missoula, MT, has gained FAA approval to offer scheduled flights between Missoula and Billings.  Montana’s two largest cities will be connected by direct round-trip flights twice a week, starting in September.

The service will be a membership-based flight program with their King Air 100, and will depart Missoula every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 a.m. and get to Billings at 9 a.m., then depart Billings at 4:45 and arrive in Missoula at 6:15 p.m.

“Our current FAA 135 Charter Certificate limits the number of ‘scheduled’ flights we can offer each week,” explained Neptune CEO Ron Hooper. “When we launch flights to Billings in September, we will start with two round trips per week, with limited seating on each flight. Based on FAA rules, we have the option to offer two additional ‘scheduled’ flights per week, which we hope to add to the membership program later in the year.”

Kevin Condit, a spokesperson for Neptune, said that memberships for Neptune’s service to Billings will start at $750 per month and go up, depending on how many flights a customer wants.

King Air B100 Charter

Neptune Aviation’s King Air B100 in charter service and scheduled flights between Missoula and Billings.

“This is not a commercial airline-type situation where people are calling up and saying I need to go to Billings next month,” he explained. “This is really designed for people who travel to Billings frequently and need to go there and back on the same day.”

Neptune conducted community surveys with the help of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce and the Missoula Economic Partnership to gauge the market for these flights.

“Basically, people said, ‘We need this as soon as you can,’ ” Condit said. “The folks at the Missoula Airport get calls saying, ‘Hey, I need to get to Billings, what’s the best option?’ This will connect the two largest cities in the state with really efficient air travel.”

When Big Sky Airlines of Billings went out of business in 2008, it left a big hole in the transportation options in the state, Condit noted.

“When you think about Missoula and Billings, there is not an easy way to get back an forth,” he explained. “You can either drive six hours or fly commercial through Seattle or Salt Lake or Denver, and that takes as much time as driving. There’s a real need.”

Charter Flight Service Montana

Ron Hooper, CEO of Neptune Aviation, describes the company’s plan for charter air service to Missoula Economic Partnership investors Wednesday morning

Hooper said that frequent travelers to Billings should act quickly to sign up for a Neptune membership.

“Our first round of memberships will be limited to 25 individuals and companies,” he said. “Based on the input of the Missoula community, memberships will sell out quickly.”


Neptune Aviation also operates a Falcon 50 and Falcon 10 on their 135 certificate.  Operator and fleet details are available in FlightList PRO.

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