New Broker Offers Pay-As-You-Go Card And Consulting Services

Launched in May 2015, Horizon Air Charter rolls out what it calls the industry’s first monthly Flight Equity pay-as-you-go jet card program.

According to a company release, Horizon’s “flyNEXT” program allows retail clients pay a nominal monthly fee from which they accrue “Flight Equity” (usable flight hours), and pay for flight or consulting services as they require them.

Horizon’s “flyCORP” program allows corporate travel clients to earn unlimited cash back through their bookings much like a mileage-rewards or cash back credit card.

Horizon Air Charter CEO Luis Barros and Managing Partner Robert Rosenberg, both have histories at charter operator Starbase Aviation.  Beginning with a small but expert set of charter brokers, a marketing support team and a few dedicated investors, Barros says: “Horizon Air Charter is determined to become the varsity level purveyor of charter aviation for knowledgeable flyers.”

Air charter broker Horizon

Luis Barros, Horizon Air Charter CEO

Mr. Barros devoted his early career to true operational, first-hand working knowledge within the aircraft industry. He spent many years on the operational side of the industry before moving to sales, which is a unique trait among professionals on the brokerage side of the industry. It has provided him valuable insight that helps to set Horizon’s vision and service apart from almost all other private charter companies.

“I have built my foundation upon delivering the finest quality service by focusing on the operational aspect of air charter,” Luis Barros said. “Many other brokers focus on sales as their first priority but my goal has been to ensure that each and every trip runs smoothly and delivers the highest level of service and safety for every client.”

Rob Rosenberg began his aviation career after years helping build his family’s business, where he developed exceptional sales and management skills. Upon entering the private aviation industry Rosenberg quickly became one of the top charter sales executives in the central U.S. Rob and Luis met during Rob’s early years in private aviation and formed a partnership that is set to establish a new framework for the private charter industry.

“Every client deserves the utmost respect, quality, safety, and comfort with their private charter experience,” Rob Rosenberg says. “Understanding FAA safety standards, industry best practices, and general trip practicality is what sets Horizon apart and I’m proud to be part of this team.”

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