Operator Latitude 33 Aviation Now Handles Jet Source’s Charter Requests

Latitude 33 Aviation, the growing operator of newer light jets from Southern California, has been selected as the exclusive private jet charter operator to handle requests to Jet Source, Inc. for charter operations. Jet Source, Inc. has been an award-winning full service fixed-base operator (FBO) at San Diego County’s McClellan-Palomar Airport for nearly 20 years.

Latitude 33 Aviation expands private jet charter operations to include Jet Source Inc. charter requests.

latitude-33Latitude 33 Aviation’s experience and industry reputation were cited as factors for the selection.

Jet Source, Inc. will continue to provide full FBO services including maintenance, fuel and ramp service. All charter flight requests received by Jet Source, Inc. will be forwarded to Latitude 33 Aviation. Telephone calls and emails will be routed to Latitude 33 Aviation’s charter department, and advertising space will be provided inside Jet Source, Inc.’s lobby.

“We are excited to work with Jet Source, Inc. to provide our exceptional services to a wider audience and help more travelers experience Latitude 33 Aviation’s renowned customer service and refined VIP treatment,” said Casey Miller, President of Latitude 33 Aviation.

Solomon Short, Latitude 33 Aviation’s Director of Operations, added, “Our growing charter fleet – including over a dozen Citation M2, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ3+, CJ4 aircraft, as well as our recently added Phenom 100 and 300 models – allows us to complete more trips and provide increased operational efficiency. We are well-positioned to handle the increased demand as we service Jet Source, Inc.’s former charter clients.”

Source: Latitude 33 press release

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