Two Popular US Charter Operators Now ARGUS Platinum

Two popular US charter operators now carry the ARGUS Platinum rating, the highest designation available from the aviation services and safety organization, ARGUS.  With this, 31 more aircraft spanning both US coasts, have the Platinum designation.

The two-year-old operator flyExclusive with its fast growing floating fleet has become a major player in the one-way pricing charter market nationwide.

Operating a defined fleet of seventeen jets, consisting of eleven midsize Citation Excels and six Citation CJ2 light jets, flyExclusive is included in both the Aircraft Search and the Floating Fleets sections of FlightList PRO’s multi-search platform, along with all 14 floating fleet operators and 232 aircraft.

Founded in 2006, Latitude 33 Aviation manages the largest and newest fleet of light jets in the United States according to a company press release. Headquartered at KCRQ McClellan-Palomar Airport in Southern California, Latitude 33 Aviation is convenient to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Operating a total of fourteen aircraft for charter, Latitude 33 offers seven Citation CJ3 and CJ3+, and four other Citations; M2, CJ4, XLS and Sovereign.  Rounding out the current fleet are a Phenom 100 and two Phenom 300’s.  All are manufacturing dates of 2005 or newer.

The fleet is based in Southern and Central California, the majority in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, including 9 at KCRQ Palomar Airport, Carlsbad, CA, a northern Suburb of San Diego.

The full fleets of flyExclusive and Latitude 33 are only available in  FlightList PRO‘s multi-search platform, the only source including all Part-135 certified charter aircraft and operators in the US and worldwide.  Free 30-day access is available here.

Currently worldwide, 1,698 charter, cargo and ambulance aircraft with 134 operators carry the ARGUS Platinum rating, 1,372 aircraft and 109 operators are in the United States.

ARGUS International, Inc. is one of four main aircraft operations safety services and registration organizations, and has the largest number of operators subscribing.

Other major safety services organizations include Wyvern Ltd., Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), and the International Business Aircraft Council (IBAC).

flyExclusive and Latitude 33 both also carry the Wyvern Registered designation.

Other Charter Alert about Latitude 33, 9/29/16

Source:  Company press releases, news and public information

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