First Citation Latitude Available for Charter in Europe

Announcing the first Citation Latitude available for charter in Europe. The Cessna Citation Latitude is a 9-passenger mid-size jet.  It is the first business jet to combine a wide, flat-floor, stand-up cabin with a midsize price.  Derived from Cessna’s Model 680 Sovereign, it was type certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration in June 2015.

French charter operator and aircraft management company, iXAir Business Jets, announces their 2017 Latitude is now available for charter.

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The Citation Latitude is the largest aircraft in its category.  Its stand up cabin and large windows provide passengers with a spacious and comfortable feel.

Under French registration, this aircraft is commercially operated by iXAir and has already had great success with numerous flights to Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey.

The Latitude joins the iXAir existing charter fleet of 6 aircraft including Citation CJ1, two CJ2+, a CJ3, CJ4, and a Global Express XRS.


Citation Latitude 9-passenger midsize jet available for European charter.

Citation Latitude 9-passenger midsize jet available for European charter. Photo credit Paul Schaller

Citation Latitude - the only midsize jet with spacious flat floor and 9 seats.

iXAir’s Citation Latitude.  The 9-passenger Latitude is the only midsize jet with spacious flat floor.

Source:  company announcement and information

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