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First Citation Latitude Available for Charter in Europe

Announcing the first Citation Latitude available for charter in Europe. The Cessna Citation Latitude is a 9-passenger mid-size jet.  It is the first business jet to combine a wide, flat-floor, stand-up cabin with a midsize price.  Derived from Cessna’s Model 680 Sovereign, it was type certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration in June 2015.

French charter operator and aircraft management company, iXAir Business Jets, announces their 2017 Latitude is now available for charter.

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The Citation Latitude is the largest aircraft in its category.  Its stand up cabin and large windows provide passengers with a spacious and comfortable feel.

Under French registration, this aircraft is commercially operated by iXAir and has already had great success with numerous flights to Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey.

The Latitude joins the iXAir existing charter fleet of 6 aircraft including Citation CJ1, two CJ2+, a CJ3, CJ4, and a Global Express XRS.


Citation Latitude 9-passenger midsize jet available for European charter.

Citation Latitude 9-passenger midsize jet available for European charter. Photo credit Paul Schaller

Citation Latitude - the only midsize jet with spacious flat floor and 9 seats.

iXAir’s Citation Latitude.  The 9-passenger Latitude is the only midsize jet with spacious flat floor.

Source:  company announcement and information

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VistaJet Launches Membership for Empty-leg Flights

VistaJet officially launched VistaJet Direct, its new digital membership offering priority access to one-way and empty-leg flights at preferential rates.

For a $10,000 annual fee, VistaJet Direct members can request bookings on all available VistaJet aircraft before they are offered to the charter market, according to a release from the company.

Bookings via the VistaJet Direct smartphone app are guaranteed and come with all of the company’s typical services. Through the app’s geo-location feature, members can receive a push notification when a flight near them or from their favorite cities is available.

According to VistaJet, the app offers real-time fixed pricing and the entire booking process can be completed “in minutes.” Members can also request flights through the app, as well as order catering and arrange other ground services.

VistaJet released this statement from company Chairman and Founder, Thomas Flohr:

“This launch is all about giving our customers, and all business travelers, as much flexibility and choice as possible. With the addition of VistaJet Direct, flying with us is easier than ever.  We’re always looking for new opportunities to make travel as memorable as possible, and make our customers’ flight an experience they will never forget. VistaJet Direct is the fastest and most convenient way to fly VistaJet. Customers can now book a flight and access the full array of our services no matter where in the world they are, at a time that suits them.”

Source:  Company press release

Past Charter Alerts about VistaJet:

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Largest VLJ Air Taxi Operator Is Created With Wijet Acquisition of Blink

Air-taxi firm Wijet is acquiring very light jet (VLJ) charter operator Blink, forming “the world’s largest” VLJ air-taxi provider, the european companies announced. The transaction will result in a new company, Wijet Group, with a combined fleet of 15 Cessna Citation Mustangs. Blink will join Wijet on the real-time european booking platform OpenJet.

The Wijet and Blink fleets and operator info is available in FlightList PRO.

Wijet Group, the holding company for Blink UK and Wijet France, will have joint CEOs: Corentin Denoeud and Cameron Ogden. Combined, it will have €18 million in revenues this year, and this is forecast to rise to €28 million, with 11,000 flights and 16,000 passengers, next year.

Blink and Wijet have operations in London, Paris and northern Italy. “By combining the two companies, the joint customer base will provide strong demand across western Europe,” the companies said. In addition, Blink’s established maintenance and operations capability will remain in the UK and Italy, while Wijet will continue to service its client base from Paris, along with key head office functions.

Initially, the aircraft will continue to operate under the Blink and Wijet colors before “gradually merging” into a new combined brand.

Source:  Aviation International News

VistaJet – 2015 US Flight and Pax Traffic Grows Triple Digits, Worldwide Double Digits

VistaJetU.S., European and Asian based charter operator VistaJet experienced a more than 21-percent increase in global flight traffic and passenger growth of more than 23 percent in 2015, which the company said was its strongest year to-date. The company’s fastest-growing market was the U.S., with flights to the U.S. up 135 percent and within the U.S. up 165 percent. The VistaJet fleet, which is entirely owned by VistaJet, will reach 60 Bombardier Challenger and Global jets by March 10.

VistaJet operates 5 Global 5000’s and 3 Challenger 350’s based across the U.S. available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

Last year, VistaJet began service within China in partnership with Apex Air, which operates a Challenger 850 for VistaJet charters. Flights to China climbed 25 percent year-over-year; flights to Asia were up 62 percent and the number of passengers climbed 57 percent.

In Africa, VistaJet saw growth of flight traffic of 15 percent; the number for the Middle East was 58 percent. Europe also saw growth, with the number of flights up 13 percent and passengers traveling into Europe up 17 percent.

According to chairman and founder Thomas Flohr, “2015 was a record year for VistaJet. We welcomed more passengers onto our jets than ever before. VistaJet is still increasing its geographic reach in the U.S. and China, and we are taking market share from our main competitors in all of our core markets.”

Source:  AIN News

Etihad Airways And Private Jet Charter Company Victor Announce Partnership

VictorEtihad Airways has announced a new partnership with private jet charter broker Victor, to complement and promote its exclusive The Residence and First Apartment cabins, both available on the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet. The partnership also allows customers the ultimate convenience of chartering a seamless private aircraft connection to or from their international A380 flights.

Read full article with information and comments from Victor as well as Etihad Airways, online Albawaba Business.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Air Charter Winners – The 2015 BACA Excellence Awards

Seen by many as the ultimate accolade for companies in the air charter industry, the winners of the BACA Excellence Awards are chosen by the membership of BACA, via a vote from a shortlist of finalists, also decided by the members.

On the 14th October over 380 executives from the air charter industry gathered at London’s Guildhall for the Baltic Air Charter Association’s (BACA) annual awards ceremony.

On the 14th October the winners were as follows:

Best Passenger Charter Airline
(sponsored by The Charter Company)
Winner: Titan Airways

Best Cargo Charter Airline 
(sponsored by Chapman Freeborn)
Winner: Volga-Dnepr Airlines

Best General Aviation Operator
(sponsored by Direct Air Charters)
Winner: London Executive Aviation

Best Handling Agent / FBO
(sponsored by LEA)
Winner: TAG Farnborough Airport

BACA Global Excellence Award
(sponsored by ACS)
Winner: Air Hamburg

BACA Humanitarian Award
(sponsored by DHL)
Winner: AirLec Air Espace

Tony Coe, BACA Chairman paid tribute to the dedication of BACA members in what has been a busy six months since the last association lunch. Tony congratulated the winners and noted that the 2015 BACA Excellence Awards were “an occasion to honour those companies that have performed outstandingly over the last 12 months and upheld the high values and standards that are the essence of BACA.”

Stratajet Set to Launch Online Charter Booking Engine

stratajet logoOnline charter booking engine Stratajet is set to roll out its service to private aviation consumers on September 28. The UK-based company, which claims to offer the only real-time online booking engine for charter flights, has established a database of up to 500 available aircraft for which its software will generate live pricing information.

In a project called Operation Long Reach, Stratajet spent April through August visiting 50 charter operators and FBOs in 30 cities across 14 European countries to promote its technology. The main aim was to persuade operators to link their operations software with the Stratajet system and so make aircraft available for direct booking by customers.

Participating operators are eligible to use the company’s Stratafleet software, which uses the Stratajet search engine to generate flight quotes and more efficiently sell their available capacity. Its also offers the StrataFBO software to allow FBOs to interface with the main website.

Stratajet is now setting up meetings with operators in the U.S., Middle East and Russia to expand its database of available aircraft. The company also has just appointed David Lee as its chief financial officer. Lee has more than a decade of experience in developing Internet businesses and was recently named by the Institute of Chartered Accountants as Finance Director of the Year.

Stratajet Charter booking

The Stratajet team includes (left to right): Olivia Scarlett, head of marketing, Mike Gadd, head of operator and FBO relations, Cecilie Øyäs, co-pilot and operator and FBO liaison and Jonny Nicol, CEO.

Following an exhausting few months, flying around Europe in our Chieftain aircraft, it is very rewarding to be able to confirm that we have hit our targets in relation to the number and range of aircraft available on the Stratajet platform,” commented CEO Jonny Nicol. “The positive response we received throughout the campaign has proven what we knew all along: the industry needs technological development in order to grow. I think one of our greatest achievements is that we gained the understanding from the operators that other companies, claiming to do what Stratajet does, are simply not delivering.”

Stratajet has been in development for the past four years while Nicol and his team refined the algorithm that he says delivers the charter industry’s only 100-percent accurate, real-time charter booking system for consumers. Essentially, the system is intended to calculate the true cost of a so-called “partial empty leg” by working out the net difference in cost of the requested new trip and any empty leg involved.

This means that the consumer pays less and the operator makes a greater profit margin,” Nicol told AIN. Stratajet employs a research team to ensure that the system includes up-to-date information on all relevant costs, such as airport landing and parking fees. Customers pay a 5 percent commission on the price of flights booked either online or by phone.

Article by Charles Alcock, courtesy AIN

Gulfstream V Point-to-Point Charter Pricing

Prime Jet CharterCharter Operator Prime Jet announced yesterday it is now offering point to point pricing with its 16 passenger G-V, with international and Domestic Wi-Fi.

The 2000 G-V is floating between South Florida, New York, Southern California and Europe, available for reduced one-way pricing.

This is the only Gulfstream V available for point to point pricing, and joins the company’s G-IV in point-to-point pricing in the U.S.

The full array of 13 floating fleet operators and 208 aircraft is available in the FlightList PRO Floating Fleet section.

Prime Jet operates 9 heavy jet Gulfstreams for charter.

Gulfstream V point to point charter pricing by operator Prime Jet

Gulfstream V point to point charter pricing by operator Prime Jet

Charter Operators Sign For New Avanti Evo

This week during the Paris Air Show Piaggio Aerospace signed two new contracts for its new generation Avanti Evo twin turboprop.  Both are in the air charter business.

Piaggio Avanti Evo charter

The new Piaggio Avanti Evo to charter operators 2015

The new Avanti Evo seats up to 9 passengers in a cabin comparable with a midsize jet.  Improvements include a 402 kt top cruise speed, much greater range, a quieter cabin than the Avanti and sea level cabin pressure up to 24,000 feet.

Zenith Aviation, based at London Biggin Hill Airport signed for an Avanti Evo and options for seven more.  Zenith operates two Lear 45’s for charter, with a Citation XLS on the way.

Rozmey Air, a new company this year with charter operations in Malaysia signed for an Avanti Evo.  The aircraft is planned to be based at Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Alor Setar.

Gulfstream 550 changes operators in U.K.

Saxonair Charter UKOperator SaxonAir Charter LTD at Stansted, UK, has taken on management and charter of the 2012 Gulfstream 550, G-MRLX.  Previously with Gama Aviation LTD, it began operation under SaxonAir in late May, and is the only G550 based at Stansted.  With it’s 6,000 mile range it can fly nonstop to Los Angeles or Hong Kong.  The ultra long range jet features Wi-Fi on board, individual passenger entertainment screens and seats 16 passengers with three cabin seating areas.

Three Gulfstream 550’s are available for charter in the UK, this one at EGSS Stansted and two at EGLF Farnborough.

SaxonAir Charter now operates a total of 9 aircraft in the wide variety categories of turboprop, very light, light and midsize jets, long range jet and helicopter.  The SaxonAir Charter full fleet is available only in FlightList PRO.

SaxonAir Charter Gulfstream 550 based EGSS Stansted, UK

SaxonAir Charter Gulfstream 550 based EGSS Stansted, UK

Broker Air Charter Service Opens Another Office

Air Charter ServiceAircraft charter brokerage Air Charter Service has announced the opening of its seventh European operation, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Andy Christie, the company’s Group Executive Jets Director, commented, “We recognized the necessity for an office in Switzerland a few years ago and felt that now was the right time to make the move, having established an already strong Swiss client base through our French and German operations.”

“We chose Geneva as it is an important hub for private aviation and a popular destination for many of our clients – we will benefit from having people on the ground here.  A lot of our current clients are based here too and we are now not only closer to them, but we are also able to reach more new potential customers that we couldn’t before.  Having a locally registered company and bank accounts will hopefully help us to win more clients that prefer a local service, as we have done with many of our other offices.”

Andy Christie, ACS Director of private jets

Andy Christie, ACS Group Executive Jets Director

“We have brought in experienced staff, who have been working out of our London, Paris and Frankfurt offices over the past six months, in the run up to opening the doors earlier this month.”

The Swiss office is ACS’s 19th global office, with two more planned in the coming nine months.

Charter Operator Adds Two Bombardier Global 6000 And Global Express

AlbinatiAlbinati Aeronautics continues to expand its charter fleet of large cabin business jets by adding two brand new Bombardier Global 6000s and a Bombardier Global Express.

According to Albinati, “The two new Global 6000 can take up to 12 passengers on intercontinental distances such as, for instance, Geneva to San Francisco, without refueling, in an exclusive, luxurious and comfortable environment, fully equipped for business, entertainment and relaxation.”

Albinati Aeronautics’ charter fleet is based at Geneva and Malta, and now counts four Global 6000s, a Global XRS, a Global Express, a Global 5000, a recently fully refurbished Challenger 604 and a Citation CJ4.

The full charter fleet is ONLY available in FlightList PRO.

Operator MyJet Acquired by Blink Air Taxi Service

Blink Air Taxi logoWith a marked expansion, Blink Air Taxi Service has acquired Italian operator MyJet and its 3 Citation Mustang jets, along with its maintenance facility in northern Italy.  Blink also acquired Blackbushe Airport west of London, which has been its home the past four years.  Blink’s increased fleet of 9 Mustangs now is 30% of the European air taxi fleet.

Blink Air Taxi Service Citation Mustang Fleet

Blink Air Taxi Service Citation Mustang Fleet

According to Blink, the acquisition of MyJet demonstrates that Blink is leading the European air taxi industry in consolidating operations across the key business aviation hubs of London, Paris, Nice, Geneva and now northern Italy, including Milan. It increases Blink’s capacity and will allow even more efficient operations of the market leading air taxi service.

Initially, the MyJet aircraft will continue to operate under the existing livery before gradually being brought under the Blink brand.

Deal Creates World’s Second-Largest Operator

In a deal to create the world’s second-largest corporate aircraft operator, Luxaviation, a business jet charter and management group based in Luxembourg, today is acquiring Zurich-based ExecuJet Aviation.

Luxaviation business jet charter managementUnder the terms of the deal, Luxaviation will acquire the entire share capital of ExecuJet, which has operations in Asia, Australasia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and in Europe.  Its fleet of about 180 managed aircraft will bring the number of aircraft operated by the combined entity to more than 250.  This is second only the the fleet of 700 operated worldwide by US-based NetJets.

ExecuJet, operating since 1991, offers aircraft charter, management, and maintenance, and is based at 19 airports around the world.

Luxaviation has grown by acquiring four European operators since 2009, including London Executive Aviation (LEA) in 2014.  Last week it agreed to a deal with China Minsheng Investments, a Chinese investment fund that is the biggest shareholder in business aircraft operator Minsheng International Jet.

Luxaviation’s strategy with its acquisitions has been to preserve their operational independence while benefiting from economies of scale in purchasing high-cost items such as fuel, insurance and training.

With the two latest deals, Luxaviation is making strides towards its stated goal of 500 aircraft under management by 2019.

– courtesy Financial Times, full article here.

Luxaviation and ExecuJet charter fleet details are available in FlightList PRO.

Luxaviation charter jet

Luxaviation Challenger 300 based Luxembourg

Europe’s TAG Aviation and Bromma Business Jet Form Alliance

Tag Aviation Jet CharterCharter Operator TAG Aviation announces the launch of a new charter alliance between Bromma Business Jet and TAG Aviation.

TAG is now the sole sales agent for Bromma’s Falcon 7X based in London Farnborough and Stockholm Bromma, according to the company.

Now TAG is the charter operator or agent for four Falcon 7X aircraft throughout Europe.  The entire TAG charter fleet of 36 aircraft worldwide is available in FlightList PRO.

Five Learjet 75 Now For Charter in U.S., Two in Europe

Learjet 75 Operated By Clay Lacy Aviation

Learjet 75 Operated By Clay Lacy Aviation

The newest Learjet 75 is available for charter out of KVNY Van Nuys, CA from operator Clay Lacy Aviation.  Added in March, it brings to five the total number of Lear 75’s available for charter in the U.S.  Others are based in Texas, Indiana and Tennessee.  Two are available in Europe, based in Switzerland and Poland.

With deliveries that began in 2014, the Learjet 75 is a midsize jet capable of seating up to 8 passengers in double-club configuration with a rear enclosed lavatory.  It is certified for 51,000 feet and leads the midsize category in high-speed cruise, capable of Mach .81.  Cabin height is 5’0″, width 5’1″, and length is 19’10”.  Up front are the latest in avionics, dominated by the Garmin G5000 three 14″ hi-res displays.

The 75’s new sister-aircraft, Learjet 70, with cabin seating for 6 is considered a light jet.  Three Learjet 70’s are chartering in the U.S., based in Michigan and Florida.

All Learjet 70 and 75 for charter worldwide are available in FlightList PRO.

Learjet 75 Interior

Learjet 75 Interior

Learjet 75 fact sheet from Bombardier    Learjet 70 fact sheet from Bombardier

Global Jet Adds Citation CJ4 to Charter Fleet Based Paris, France

New 2015 Citation CJ4, LX-GJM, is available for charter operated by Global Jet and based at LFPB Paris-Le Bourget.  This brand new aircraft seats 6 passengers and features a state of the art entertainment system.  Global Jet operates now 34 jets for charter based across Europe.  Global Jet’s entire fleet is available in FlightList PRO.

Citation CJ4 LX-GJM charter operated by Global Jet

Citation CJ4 LX-GJM charter operated by Global Jet

JetSmarter Hires Tom Engelhard as European General Manager

Membership Charter Broker JetSmarterMembership charter brokerage and mobile platform JetSmarter announced the appointment of Tom Engelhard as European General Manager.  Engerhard will be responsible for operating and overseeing JetSmarter’s new office in Zurich where he will be accountable for furthering the brand’s visibility and operator partnerships across Europe.  With nearly 25 years of European aviation industry experience, prior to JetSmarter Engelhard led the European Sales sector of private jets for broker Air Partner plc.

ONLY IN FLIGHTLIST PRO – FlairJet Ltd.’s new Phenom 300, Citation Mustang and King Air 350i

Charter operator Flairjet Ltd. announces three new Europe-based aircraft available for charter.

  • New 2015 Phenom 300, G-CRBN, seating 9, based LIRQ Tuskany, Italy
  • New 2014 Citation Mustang, G-FFFC, based EGBB Birmingham
  • New 2014 King Air 350i, G-ERSE, seating 9 passengers, based EGTK Oxford

Listed only in FlightList Pro.

Flair Jet Ltd. add three new aircraft to European charter charter fleet.

Flair Jet Ltd. add three new aircraft to European charter charter fleet.