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New 2016 Citation M2 Added to Las Vegas Area Charter

westcoastchartersCharter operator West Coast Charters, headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, has added a brand new 2016 Citation M2 light jet, fresh from Wichita, to their charter fleet based KHND Henderson, NV.

The new M2 joins West Coast Charters’ existing M2 (DOM 2013) and two Citation CJ3+ light jets (DOM 2014 adn 2016) based at Henderson.  The operator boasts the newest aircraft fleet in the Las Vegas region.  The new M2 features the latest in passenger amentities including entertainment iPads and headphones, Sirius/XM radio, and power/charging stations throughout the cabin.

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West Coast Charters now operates a total fleet of 27 charter jets and turboprops in the greater Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas.

Henderson is home base for 7 executive aircraft for charter from four different operators.  The greater Las Vegas area boasts a total of 28 executive aircraft available for charter, from 13 operators.

The Henderson airport is a 17 minute drive south of LAS McCarran International Airport.  Easier airport access, less traffic and lower fees can make Henderson an attractive option for Las Vegas charters.

Citation M2 light jet available for charter from HND Henderson, NV operated by West Coast Charters.

New 2016 Citation M2 light jet available for charter from HND Henderson, NV operated by West Coast Charters. Photo: www.WCAS.aero

News source:  West Coast Charters

Citation Latitude Now Available Based So. California

Charter operator Cutter Flight Management announces their 2015 Citation Latitude is now available for charter based at CRQ Carlsbad, CA.  Latitude info and photos:

Citation Latitude:
The Latitude is a new Citation midsize jet seating up to 9 with a cabin featuring a club of four with two additional froward facing seats, a cabin-forward bench for two and a rear belted lav.  The aircraft fits between the XLS and the Sovereign in the Citation lineup and the Latitude carries an outward resemblance of both.  It is described as a superior, flat-floor, stand-up cabin, 6-feet tall, 77 inches wide and 21 feet long.   the Latitude cabin is taller and wider than the Sovereign.   Airspeed at 446 kts max cruise is similar to the Sovereign and XLS.

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Another Coast-to-Coast Midsize
The Latitude offers a range of up to 2,850 NM which is more than the Hawker 800XP published maximum range.  Under a charter flight profile the Latitude is easily nonstop West to East, and usually nonstop East to West with 4-5 passengers.

Cabin of the 2015 Citation Latitude based So. California with Cutter Flight Management

Cabin of the 2015 Citation Latitude based So. California with Cutter Flight Management

New 2016 Legacy 650 and Challenger 604 Added to KMR Aviation Southern California Charter Fleet

KMR Aviation, a provider executive private jet charter announces a new-to-market 2016 Embraer Legacy 650 is now available for charter, along with a fifth Bombardier Challenger 604, offering customers a wider selection of options for long distance travel, according to a press release by the company.

New 2016 Legacy 650 now for charter with KMR Aviation, Southern California

New 2016 Legacy 650 now for charter with KMR Aviation, Southern California.  Photo: KMR Aviation

The entire KMR charter fleet and operator details are available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

With a range capability of 3,900 nautical miles, the well-appointed Legacy 650, based in Southern California, can easily travel Coast-to-Coast or to the Caribbean Islands non-stop. It provides the quietest and largest-in-class three-zone cabin and can comfortably seat up to 13 passengers. The Legacy 650 also offers the largest main inflight-accessible baggage compartment in its class – 286 cu. ft. – providing ample space for whatever you may need to take along on your journey. The aircraft features spacious seating, deluxe amenities and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Its high-definition audio/video capabilities provide business or leisure travelers alike a satisfying and sophisticated media environment. A fully equipped galley includes a microwave oven, convection oven and Nespresso Coffee Maker. Berthable seats and a large aft lavatory with secondary forward lavatory allow passengers to arrive at their destination fully relaxed and refreshed.

“We are excited about the growth of our heavy jet fleet,” said Lori Jones, KMR Aviation Charter Manager. “The Challenger 604 continues to be a highly popular aircraft for our charter clients and the addition of a gorgeous Legacy 650 to our certificate further adds range and diversity to our impressive list of managed aircraft.”

The two new charter aircraft join Southern California’s largest operator of Challenger 604 business jets. Additionally, through an affiliation with West Coast Charters, KMR Aviation’s charter fleet access extend to over 30 charter-ready aircraft ranging in size from turbo-props to light- and mid- to large-cabin aircraft.

Source:  company press release

Twelve Jets Join Clay Lacy Aviation Fleet

Clay-LacyClay Lacy Aviation, one of the world’s largest charter operators and aircraft managers, announced it has added twelve business jets to its expanding fleet since the start of 2016. The new additions include seven long-range, large-cabin aircraft, two super-midsize jets, and three light jets from Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Embraer and Gulfstream. Nine of these aircraft will be available for private jet charter.

The entire Clay Lacy fleet and operator details are available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

Joining the Clay Lacy jet charter fleet in Los Angeles are a Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream GV, Falcon 900EX EASy, Falcon 2000, Challenger 300Gulfstream G200 and a Learjet 45. Also for private jet charter are an Embraer Legacy 600 in Las Vegas and a Learjet 45XR in Portland, Oregon.

Source:  Clay Lacy Aviation Press Release

Charter Operator Jet Edge International Posts Soaring Numbers

Charter operator Jet Edge International, an industry specialist in long-range and large-cabin private jet charters, announced key business performance indicators that highlight the company’s success, according to a company press release.

“Five years post acquisition, Jet Edge has gained significant distinction by climbing to the top in the business aviation industry and surpassing prominent veteran operators in overall flight hours, safety policies, fleet size, and charter flight activity”

Jet Edge LogoAccording to the company, by total hours flown, Jet Edge is ranked eighth in Aviation Research Group’s “Top US Part 135 Operators” mid-year report, 2016. With nearly 9,000 charter hours flown on-fleet by the midpoint of the year, this ranking establishes Jet Edge within the top 1 percent of more than 1,000 charter operators globally. Last month, Jet Edge ranked first by a magnitude greater than 10 percent when calculating average distance per flight segment, or cycle, on the company’s large-cabin fleet with 1,198 nautical miles per flight segment.

Earlier this year, Jet Edge reached another key milestone by ranking within the top ten domestic charter operators of 2015 by charter hours flown throughout last year. In 2016, the company is on track to move within the top six domestic charter operators by total charter hours flown.

The entire Jet Edge fleet and operator details are available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

Since its acquisition in late 2011, Jet Edge has grown by double digits in nearly every business metric year-over-year, including revenue, staff members, and fleet size. Jet Edge has already added 13 charter jets to the company’s charter fleet in 2016, with another eight in the pipeline for delivery later this year. In June 2016 , Jet Edge announced that it had reached the coveted fifty aircraft milestone, positioning the fleet as the sixth largest charter company by fleet size and second largest exclusively large-cabin fleet in the U.S.

Noted by the company as contributing to its increases are key partnerships they established this year, as well as the company’s existing partnership with Asia Jet in Hong Kong. Additionally, newly established strategic marketing partnerships and large-volume supplemental lift agreements have increased the company’s flight activity by more than 40 percent this year, providing consistent charter revenue to both the company and Jet Edge’s aircraft owners, according to the release.
“Five years post acquisition, Jet Edge has gained significant distinction by climbing to the top in the business aviation industry and surpassing prominent veteran operators in overall flight hours, safety policies, fleet size, and charter flight activity,” said Bill Papariella, chief executive officer of Jet Edge.

Jet Edge also added several new key personnel in management, flight operations, and sales this year.

“As our company grows, we’re reminded of the outstanding contributions that every member of our staff brings to Jet Edge, further ensuring our success,” added Geoff Makely, executive vice president and general manager for Jet Edge. “The company absolutely embodies the modern workplace by providing an environment that welcomes new ideas from every staff member, invests in cutting edge resources across every department, and fosters both employee and client loyalty.”

Source:  Company Press Release

Announcing New Operators and Aircraft to Charter

The below are new operators and aircraft to charter availability; light and heavy jets in California, Texas, St. Louis, Florida, Teterboro, Boston and internationally in the Middle-East:

  • JetsPlus (new charter operator)
    Citation I/SP, KFAT Fresno, CA
    Citation III, KFAT Fresno, CA
  • TapJets, Inc. (new charter operator)
    Falcon 10, KHOU Houston, TX
  • Silver Air
    Gulfstream IV-SP, KCMA Camarillo, CA
  • Solairus Aviation
    Falcon 900DX, KOAK Oakland, CA
    Global 5000, KBED Bedford, MA
    Legacy 450, KMCO Orlando, FL
  • Meridian Air Charter
    Falcon 7X, KTEB Teterboro, NJ
    Gulfstream GIV-SP, KTEB Teterboro, NJ
  • GainJet
    Challenger 605
    , OJAM Amman, Jordan
  • Qatar Executive
    Gulfstream G650ER, OTBD Doha, Qatar
    Gulfstream G650ER, OTBD Doha, Qatar

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Jet Aviation Acquires Avjet’s Charter & Management Division

jet aviationLos Angeles based Avjet Corporation announced that it is selling its aircraft management and charter services to Jet Aviation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, which was founded in Switzerland in 1967 and is one of the leading business aviation services companies in the world.

“I am very excited by the closing of this transaction as I believe that I have left the Company, its employees, and its clients in excellent hands,” said Marc Foulkrod, the CEO of Avjet Corporation.

Avjet’s and Jet Aviation’s full fleet of 52 charter aircraft across the U.S. and worldwide are  available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

“Avjet’s 37-years of experience in aircraft management and charter services and an impressive fleet of 45 aircraft makes it the perfect complement to Jet Aviation’s operations,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager of Jet Aviation’s U.S. Aircraft Services David Paddock. “This acquisition will also provide excellent benefits for Avjet’s management and charter customers by providing access to Jet Aviation’s global network of service facilities.”

More importantly, Avjet’s current Chairman and CEO Marc Foulkrod will continue to own and operate the Avjet sales and brokerage division in partnership with Mr. Andrew Bradley, under the name “Avjet Global.” “This acquisition meets our plan to continue to expand our global sales, acquisition, and brokerage services while allowing Jet Aviation to continue Avjet’s tradition of excellence in aircraft management and charter services,” said Foulkrod.

The closing of the acquisition is subject to certain governmental approvals, including relevant airport authorities. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed.

Source:  Avjet Corporation Press Release

VistaJet – 2015 US Flight and Pax Traffic Grows Triple Digits, Worldwide Double Digits

VistaJetU.S., European and Asian based charter operator VistaJet experienced a more than 21-percent increase in global flight traffic and passenger growth of more than 23 percent in 2015, which the company said was its strongest year to-date. The company’s fastest-growing market was the U.S., with flights to the U.S. up 135 percent and within the U.S. up 165 percent. The VistaJet fleet, which is entirely owned by VistaJet, will reach 60 Bombardier Challenger and Global jets by March 10.

VistaJet operates 5 Global 5000’s and 3 Challenger 350’s based across the U.S. available ONLY in FlightList PRO.

Last year, VistaJet began service within China in partnership with Apex Air, which operates a Challenger 850 for VistaJet charters. Flights to China climbed 25 percent year-over-year; flights to Asia were up 62 percent and the number of passengers climbed 57 percent.

In Africa, VistaJet saw growth of flight traffic of 15 percent; the number for the Middle East was 58 percent. Europe also saw growth, with the number of flights up 13 percent and passengers traveling into Europe up 17 percent.

According to chairman and founder Thomas Flohr, “2015 was a record year for VistaJet. We welcomed more passengers onto our jets than ever before. VistaJet is still increasing its geographic reach in the U.S. and China, and we are taking market share from our main competitors in all of our core markets.”

Source:  AIN News

Charter Operator Sun Air Jets Adds Another Gulfstream V

Sun Air Jets Charter OperatorSouthern California based operator Sun Air Jets has added a second Gulfstream V to their growing charter fleet.  The 2000 12-passenger GIV is based at KCMA Camarillo, CA, easy positioning for Southern California and regional departures, and features a new cabin interior, new paint, high-speed BBML Wi-Fi, and three temperature zones.

The Sun Air Jets charter and managed fleet has grown by 30% thus far in 2015.  The charter fleet consists of now 11 midsize through long range jets, including two G-V’s and a Global 5000.

Sun Air Jets is one of only a handful of operators with all four top safety auditor ratings-  ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Industry Audit Standard, and IS-BAO Registration.

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Sun Air Jets' new Gulfstream V to charter fleet

Sun Air Jets’ new Gulfstream V to charter fleet

Gulfstream V Point-to-Point Charter Pricing

Prime Jet CharterCharter Operator Prime Jet announced yesterday it is now offering point to point pricing with its 16 passenger G-V, with international and Domestic Wi-Fi.

The 2000 G-V is floating between South Florida, New York, Southern California and Europe, available for reduced one-way pricing.

This is the only Gulfstream V available for point to point pricing, and joins the company’s G-IV in point-to-point pricing in the U.S.

The full array of 13 floating fleet operators and 208 aircraft is available in the FlightList PRO Floating Fleet section.

Prime Jet operates 9 heavy jet Gulfstreams for charter.

Gulfstream V point to point charter pricing by operator Prime Jet

Gulfstream V point to point charter pricing by operator Prime Jet

Operator Adds G550, GV and GIV-SP To Florida & Los Angeles

Jet Edge LogoCharter operator Jet Edge International has added three new Gulfstream to it’s fleet.  The newly delivered (2015) G550 and the GV are based in Florida, while the GIVSP is based in Los Angeles.

The additions bring Jet Edge’s charter fleet to a total of 34 super-midsize, heavy and ultra long range jets.

The Jet Edge ultra long range fleet has grown to 10 aircraft, including Global 6000s, G650s, G550s and GVs in the past 12 months,” says David Erich, Chief Operating Officer of Jet Edge. “The ultra long range category has been a significant focus of Jet Edge over the past year, and it is gratifying to see the hard work of our entire team paying off.”

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Operator Sun Air Jets Announces Two Promotions

Sun Air Jets Charter OperatorSun Air Jets, of KCMA Camarillo, CA just Northeast of Los Angeles, announced the promotion of Leigh Ann Spooner and Geoff Savage to senior director positions in its charter department.  Leigh Ann moves to Senior Director of Charter Sales and Geoff is now Senior Director of Flight Control.

Said Brian Counsil, Sun Air’s president and C.O.O., “Leigh Ann and Geoff are two of the many individuals within Sun Air that have contributed to its success and growth over the last 15 years. Rewarding them with these promotions is a tribute to their hard work and achievements.”

Sun Air Jets operates 9 midsize to long range jets for charter, from Hawkers to Gulfstream V and Global 5000.  The operator touts all four top safety ratings available.  Sun Air Jets’ full fleet is available in FlightList PRO.  Sun Air Jets’ full release here

Avjet Corporation Adds Hawker 850XP to Burbank, CA Charter Fleet

Avjet Corporation Jet Charter OperatorAnnounced March 2 – Hawker 850XP, N359BC, is now available for charter, based at KBUR and operated by Avjet Corporation.  The 2008 Hawker features some of the latest amenities including free onboard Wi-Fi and built in iPad Mini.  The Avjet charter fleet grows to 25 with this addition, including now 3 midsize jets, 19 heavy and long range jets, and a Boeing Business Jet.  Avjet’s entire fleet is available in FlightList Pro.

Hawker 850XP jet charter Los Angeles CA

Hawker 850XP N359BC based Burbank, CA with charter operator Avjet Corporation

Avjet Announces One Way Charter Pricing with Gulfstream G200

In addition to one way pricing aboard their Gulfstream GIV’s, Burbank, CA-based Avjet Corporation announces one way pricing now with their 2005 Gulfstream G200, N102FD.  The G200 seats 9 and converts to sleep 4, features free Gogo Inflight Wireless Internet and power outlets for each passenger.

Gulfstream G200 Jet Charter

Avjet Gulfstream G200 N102FD Jet Charter One Ways

Avjet G200 jet charter

Avjet Gulfstream G200 N102FD Jet Charter Cabin