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Announcing New Charter Operator, Super-Midsize and Light Jets on Certificate

Freedom Jets charter operatorAnnouncing a new jet charter operator to the air charter industry, with a Hawker 1000 super midsize jet and two Citation SII light jets on certificate, based in the Austin-San Antonio, Texas metro area.

Freedom Jets (Certificate # 417A246O, USAC AIRWAYS 694 LLC) currently has ARGUS Gold provisional status and is Wyvern Registered.  They are authorized to operate across North and South America and the Caribbean.

The Citation SII and Hawker 1000A include onboard Wi-Fi, and the Hawker features a fresh May-2017 interior and exterior refurbishment.

Freedom Jets is included in the FlightList PRO multi-search platform automatically, as are all 16,631 aircraft and 3,419 operators worldwide.

Hawker 1000A super-midsize 9-passenger jet now available for charter with operator Freedom Jets

Hawker 1000A super-midsize 9-passenger jet now available for charter with operator Freedom Jets

One of two Citation SII light jets available for charter with operator Freedom Jets, based in the Austin-San Antonio Texas area.

One of two Citation SII light jets available for charter with operator Freedom Jets, based in the Austin-San Antonio Texas area.

Source:  FlightList PRO

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Private Jet Charter Operator In Unlikely Location has Success, Lofty Plans

ATI Jet Charter Service Aims High

By David Crowder, El Paso Inc.

El Paso has one high-flying charter service. Using Lear jets that take off from El Paso International Airport, ATI Jet hauls Hollywood stars, doctors and business executives around the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

A renowned pilot himself, ATI Jet owner Lyle Byrum has lofty ambitions to turn the company into a national force with a fleet of 100 planes by 2023.

He’s got a ways to go.

Today, ATI Jet has eight, sleek Lears in service, 22 pilots, more than 400 regular customers and a lot more occasional passengers, according to Byrum. That makes the company one of the larger charter services in the Southwest.

ATI Jet private fleet of charter Learjets.

ATI Jet private fleet of charter Learjets. Photo. Photo by Jorge Salgado

“The Lear 60 is the world’s fastest, highest-flying midsize jet,” he said.

It’s an expensive way to get around. Booking one of the eight-seat speedsters for the 3½-hour, 2,000-mile flight to Washington, D.C., and back will cost about $30,000, Byrum said.

ATI Jet’s full fleet of 8 charter Learjets, with aircraft and operator details, is available in FlightList PRO.

When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher needed to come to El Paso in 1990 to address the Republican Party, he picked her up in Dallas and says she insisted that he accompany her on the trip back.

“What’s driven our charter business has been security; you don’t have to worry about security,” Byrum said. “No. 2, you can get here five minutes before you want to leave or an hour later. You’re not tied to schedules.”

ATI’s more recent big-name passengers include the queen of Jordan, Tommy Lee Jones, Dennis and Randy Quaid and Julia Roberts, according to Byrum.

ATI Jet’s repeat customers come from just about everywhere – except El Paso.

“We only have 24 customers here in El Paso,” he said. “A few years ago there was a study done and we were No. 3 in the country doing charters to Mexico. A lot of people like to use us because we know our way around.

ATI Jet's Lyle Byrum in the Learjet 60

ATI Jet’s Lyle Byrum in the Learjet 60. Photo by Jorge Salgado

Byrum talks a big game, but as one close acquaintance said, “He’s the real deal.”

He’s an Ysleta High School graduate whose family owned the second largest crane company in the Southwest in the 1960s and 1970s, Byrum Crane and Rigging. He became its general manager before his parents sold the company.

“I personally erected half of Cielo Vista Mall,” Byrum remembers.

Out of a job, he headed off to college, learned how to fly, became an instructor and took over a flying school and Cessna dealer in Midland. He’s been in aviation since, doing everything from helping the FAA write regulations to performing crazy stunts for movies.

His business ventures also included Quicksilver Enterprises, a publicly held company that became the world’s largest manufacturer of ultralight aircraft from 1980 to 1996, selling more than 12,000 aircraft worldwide.

Byrum made big money doing movies and TV as a Hollywood stunt pilot, stunt man and actor. He has the movie-set publicity photos with stars on the walls at ATI Jet’s headquarters to prove it.

“I think I have been in more movies than any native-born El Pasoan other than Debbie Reynolds, and maybe her,” he said.

Those movies and TV shows include “Arizona Dream” with Fay Dunaway and Johnny Depp, “Jackknife” with Robert De Niro, “CHIPS,” “Fantasy Island,” “A-Team” and “Remington Steel.”

Then, there was “Howard the Duck,” the George Lucas-backed movie that bombed. In that movie, Byrum says he flew a plane through the open doors of a moving boxcar, tearing off the wings.

The rise of computer graphics starting in the 1990s put a big dent in the demand for real air stunts, and after a series of business and personal setbacks, including the loss of his 12-year-old son to cancer, Byrum came back to El Paso.

“I decided I wanted to come home,” he said. “I don’t know why; I can’t tell you. I didn’t do anything for two years.

“Then, I went to work for this company, and then I bought it from Doc. Nelson and the Lowenfields.”

Things were moving along for Byrum and ATI Jet’s small fleet of Lears when he made the mistake of going into business with Bob Jones, the CEO of the nonprofit National Center for the Employment of the Disabled, or NCED, in 2003.

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Jones, a prominent El Pasoan who would later be convicted in the biggest corruption scandal and fraud against the federal government in El Paso history, put up $1 million to gain an interest in the company.

It was supposed to be Jones’ money, but it wasn’t. It belonged to NCED, and the arrangement implicated Byrum and his company when the FBI learned about Jones’ fraudulent investments in 2005.

But the greater fraud occurred at NCED during the 12 years Jones controlled the nonprofit, which existed to provide jobs for the severely disabled under set-aside contracts to manufacture boxes, military uniforms and chemical protective ware.

Under Jones, NCED had grown to 4,000 employees with contracts in excess of $200 million a year when it was reported that the vast majority of its employees weren’t actually disabled.

They were displaced clothing workers, many from Mexico.

In all, the total of misspent federal dollars paid to NCED approached $2 billion, and Jones had amassed a fortune estimated at $50 million. He was convicted in 2011 and is still serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison.

Byrum sued Jones, who had actually gained control of ATI Jet, for stock fraud, provided evidence to the FBI and was cleared of all wrongdoing.

NCED agreed to pay for the bills Jones had run up using ATI Jet to shuttle Army generals and others back and forth from Washington and around the country.

“For three years, he wasn’t paying me for what he was doing,” Byrum said. “The bill just got bigger and bigger. I barely survived.

“After it was all over, I think I was the only guy that got paid back, and I got paid every penny.”

Byrum said ATI Jet has bounced back, allowing him to buy two newer Lear 60 jets recently and to expand by using what he calls the Southwest Airlines model – using one type of aircraft requiring the same parts and training for pilots and mechanics.

ATI Jet's Learjet 60 cabin

ATI Jet’s Learjet 60 cabin.  Photo by Jorge Salgado

He’s also kept up his interest in very fast cars and drag racing, which he still does at the age of 69.

He owns El Paso Motorplex with a dirt track and drag-strip near Socorro where he was planning to add a 2-mile, $2 million paved road course for Formula 1 racing until last year.

“I decided to keep expanding ATI Jet instead, so we put the project on hold,” Byrum said.

Asked if he intends to go public with ATI-Jet to buy 90 more jets and become a national charter service, he said, “I’m planning to, yes – at the right time.”

Article in El Paso Inc.

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Operator ATI Jet Begins Conversion to All-Lear 60 Charter Fleet

From the El Paso Times;

“ATI Jet Inc., the Southwest’s largest based jet charter company has begun pre-purchase on two Learjet 60 aircraft.  ATI’s President Lyle Byrum expects the aircraft to be in service by August of 2016.

ati-jetATI Jet Inc. operates a fleet of Learjet 55 medium size jets with over 500 customers in the U.S. with its main base of operations in EL Paso Texas and satellite base in Vail, Colorado.

Mr. Byrum stated the company plans to upgrade it entire fleet of 7 jet aircraft to Lear 60’s within the next two years.

The Lear 60 is considered to be the most popular, efficient and best performer of all Mid-Size jets.  The aircraft is capable of flying coast-to-coast non-stop and carries 8 passengers.  It has a service ceiling of 51,000 feet and is all weather capable.  It is equipped with a full service lavatory with hot water, oven full-equipped galley, luxurious cabin, complete entertainment center, state of art avionics and WI-FI.  Over 400 Lear 60’s are in service.

ATI Jet Learjet 55

ATI Jet Learjet 55

ATI Jet Inc. has logged over thirty one million flight miles of accident free jet charter service.  It is GOLD RATED CHARTER COMPANY by ARGUS, The countries largest rating service company.  INC Magazine also rates ATI in the TOP 100 Transportation Companies in the U.S.”

From: El Paso Times

Announcing New Operators and Aircraft to Charter

The below are new operators and aircraft to charter availability; light and heavy jets in California, Texas, St. Louis, Florida, Teterboro, Boston and internationally in the Middle-East:

  • JetsPlus (new charter operator)
    Citation I/SP, KFAT Fresno, CA
    Citation III, KFAT Fresno, CA
  • TapJets, Inc. (new charter operator)
    Falcon 10, KHOU Houston, TX
  • Silver Air
    Gulfstream IV-SP, KCMA Camarillo, CA
  • Solairus Aviation
    Falcon 900DX, KOAK Oakland, CA
    Global 5000, KBED Bedford, MA
    Legacy 450, KMCO Orlando, FL
  • Meridian Air Charter
    Falcon 7X, KTEB Teterboro, NJ
    Gulfstream GIV-SP, KTEB Teterboro, NJ
  • GainJet
    Challenger 605
    , OJAM Amman, Jordan
  • Qatar Executive
    Gulfstream G650ER, OTBD Doha, Qatar
    Gulfstream G650ER, OTBD Doha, Qatar

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Texas Aviation Start-Up Rise Adds Crowd Sourcing of Private Flights

By Mary Grady, Robb Report, May 10, 2016AdTech Ad

The private-flight service Rise, based in Dallas and launched last year, does not own any airplanes but has created a system to help travelers “crowd source” a charter flight aboard eight-seat Beechcraft King Air 350 twin turboprops.

A Rise Beechcraft King Air 350

With Rise, users pay a $750 deposit and a monthly fee starting at $1,650 for unlimited flights between five Texas cities. The flights are reserved online and scheduled on demand. Multiple users filling up the empty seats on the private plane effectively crowd source each trip and lower the cost compared to a traditional whole-aircraft charter. The company estimates that each private flight saves a traveler 3 hours round-trip compared to commercial flying or driving. Passengers board minutes before takeoff at general-aviation terminals equipped with free Wi-Fi, snacks, a comfortable lobby, free parking, and a bespoke concierge—saving time and energy compared to the main passenger terminals.

8-passenger interior of Rise’s Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft

To date, Rise operates 60 flights per week between the Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Midland airports, but the company says they will expand to six more cities, in Texas and beyond, this year. The company also recently added a new feature, Rise Anywhere, that enables members to crowd source a flight to select destinations including New Orleans, Aspen, and Telluride.

Rise partners with charter flight companies to ensure members will have access to planes, pilots and flights.  The Rise-branded King Air is operated by Monarch Air, a Part 135 charter operator based at Dallas’ Addison Airport.

Source: Article in Robb Report online

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Charter Operator Re-Launches With Two King Air 350i Turboprops

King Air 350i charter with Francis Aviation, El Paso Texas

King Air 350i charter with Francis Aviation, El Paso Texas

Francis Aviation announces the re-launch of its charter flight service with two new King Air 35i 9-passenger turboprops.   Francis also operates a King Air 200.

Francis Aviation charter fleet found only in FlightList PRO“Francis Aviation is proud to announce the re-launch of our charter services.  We recently purchased two new King Air 350i aircraft,” said Andre.  “These are the latest state-of-the-art aircraft, and we are offering on-demand services for the most reliable option in business, individual and group travel.”

A fixed-base operator (FBO) service in New Mexico with locations at both the Las Cruces International Airport and near El Paso, TX at the Santa Teresa International Jetport.  Francis Aviation is headed by Scott Andre, who was named President of the company in March of this year.  The charter flight service is located in Santa Teresa, a suburb of El Paso.
Francis-AviationThe new aircraft comfortably hold nine people and can travel distances up to 1,800 miles without refueling.  Luxurious leather seats and both in-cabin and personal in-flight entertainment systems are standard, and passengers have full control of lighting and climate.

Prior to departure, passengers have the option of pre-ordering from an extensive catering menu and loading up on refreshments provided by the staff at the Francis Aviation terminal in Santa Teresa.

Francis Aviation hosted a grand opening event inside the airport’s hanger in Santa Teresa.  Guests toured the facilities and learned more about the aircraft and the benefits of charter services.

“There is a long list of advantages to flying charter versus commercial.  Most importantly, the client is the decision-maker,” explains Andre.  “They get to decide where to go, when to go, and who they want to take with them.”


King Air 350i cabin features double-club seating for 8.






Article in El Paso Herald-Post

Charter Jet App Launches Houston-Dallas Flights

By , Reporter- Houston Business Journal, 11/3/15

A new private jet service based out of Florida is expanding its operations to Houston with a regular flight to and from Dallas.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based JetSmarter Inc. operates a global network of 3,200 aircraft in 170 countries. The company is focusing on the Dallas-to-Houston route because of the high volume of daily travelers between the cities, said CEO Sergey Petrossov.


Sergey Petrossov, CEO of JetSmarter Inc., which just launched a regular flight to and from Dallas.

JetSmarter charges an annual fee of $9,000 to be a member. From there, members get access to regularly scheduled shuttle flights from market to market, like the one from Houston to Dallas. In addition, if the regularly scheduled flights don’t work, members are able to create an entirely new flight — for the up-front cost of $1,900, which includes access to four guaranteed seats. Members do have the ability to charter an entire jet for themselves, as well.

The flight to Dallas departs from Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport on Tuesdays at 7 a.m., with a return flight to Houston at 8:30 a.m. On Thursdays, JetSmarter flies out of Hobby at 6 p.m., with a return flight at 7:30 p.m.

The service works through a smartphone app, where members can look at flight availability and create a new flight, entirely from their smartphone.

For now, the JetShuttle flights from Houston only fly to Dallas, but sometime in 2016, the company expects to have more flights to and from other Texas destinations as well as outside the state, Petrossov said.

“Consumers hate travel because of the airport experience. It’s not fun like the golden age,” Petrossov said. “What we’re trying to do is bring aviation back to the elevated experience where it’s fun and exciting.”

In July, Dallas-based Rise announced daily flights to and from Dallas, as well.

Article at Houston Business Journal

All-You-Can-Fly ‘Rise’ Startup Nearly Doubles Texas Flights – Expands Cities

Excerpted from article by Brandon Formby, Dallas Morning News 9/24/15

For a monthly fee of $1,650 to $2,650, Rise members can take an unlimited number of trips on the company’s prescheduled flights to and from Dallas, Austin and Houston. The company started with a soft launch in May and went full force in July. It’s been offering 40 to 50 flights a week and will increase that to 92 a week later this month.

Rise plans to expand soon to San Antonio, Oklahoma City and New Orleans. Then, company officials hope to add flights to Tulsa, Shreveport and an Arkansas city to be determined.

Rise Texas king air charter

Nick Kennedy, Rise’s CEO and co-founder,  next to one of the King Air 350 private aircraft the company uses for its flights. David Woo/Photographer.

Nick Kennedy was a health care information technology executive the first time he flew on a private jet. He admits that traveling amid the Gulfstream G550’s high-end appointments and roomy chairs felt like the “epitome of success.”

After just a few flights, the cool factor of such trappings receded. But the convenience of virtually hassle-free boarding and arrival didn’t.

The Dallas man said being able to fly around the country for work and still make it home to enjoy his wife and three kids became invaluable. That appreciation quickly became the impetus for a new business venture.

“I wanted to enable men and women to be where they wanted to be, when they wanted to be there,” Kennedy said.

So last year, Kennedy and a handful of associates launched Rise, a Dallas-based company that is taking the sharing economy to the skies. While Rise conjures the spirit of fellow technology firms like Uber and Airbnb, it actually works more like Netflix. At a higher cost, of course.


Rise Texas King Air private charter cabin

For a monthly fee, Rise members enjoy unlimited access to scheduled flights to and from Dallas, Austin and Houston on private planes like this King Air 350. David Woo/Photographer

Company employees spent their first nine months securing approval for their business model from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration. Kennedy believes they’re the first to do so.

Rise partners with charter flight companies to ensure members will have access to planes, pilots and flights. Kennedy said most private planes only operate at 20 percent of their utilization rate. He estimates that the private jets Rise partners with operate at 75 to 80 percent of their utilization rate.

The Rise-branded King Air is operated by Monarch Air, a Part 135 charter operator based at Dallas’ Addison Airport.

Company officials thoroughly vet the charter firms’ operations, financials, training processes and maintenance practices before partnering with them.

“If they meet our standards, then they get to fly our members around,” Kennedy said last week as he stood at Love Field next to one of the King Air 350 planes emblazoned with Rise’s logo.

Removing the hassles

Minutes earlier, the plane had brought six Rise members from Houston. One of them got off, walked a few feet from the plane, put his bags in his waiting car and drove off.

Cody Vicknair, an assistant vice president for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in Houston, walked from the plane to the Jet Aviation building that serves as Rise’s terminal. Vicknair, who landed 30 minutes before he was scheduled to give a speech in Dallas, started using the service when it launched. He flies at least once a week.

The Houston man said the user interface, lack of long security lines and flexibility of flights attracted him to the service. Rise runs background checks on all member applicants and reserves the right to search passengers and their bags before they board. But with just a handful of passengers leaving from a private hangar, members aren’t subjected to the long lines most people face at commercial airline security checkpoints.

After landing in Dallas on Thursday, Vicknair said he wasn’t sure whether he would fly back later that day or stay overnight and catch Rise’s first Friday flight back to Houston. Either way, there was no cost difference.

“With this model and technology, they have pretty much figured out the work flow to accommodate us,” he said. “It takes all those hassles out.”

As Kennedy and his co-founders toiled at securing federal approval last year, they also went to investors to fund the venture.

“The feedback was ‘You’re crazy,’” Kennedy said. “But a lot of people said, ‘If you can pull this off, it’ll really be helpful.’”

Kennedy worried that people would be hesitant to share a private plane with other people. The opposite has been true, though. Kennedy said members enjoy chatting with other entrepreneurs and business executives on the flights. Sometimes they end up sharing rides home or to work appointments.

Aside from two pilots, there are no service crew members. Drinks are stored near one of the front-row leather seats, often making the person who sits there the de facto bartender for fellow passengers.

“They’ll be the ones kind of making drinks for everybody,” Kennedy said. “It’s very much a pass-the-cup mentality.”

Rise-logoOn the rise

Rise is privately owned, and Kennedy and chief growth officer Clynt Taylor are the company’s majority owners. Kennedy closed on a first round of successful funding last month, but isn’t publicly releasing figures. He said the company was profitable from the first day of full operations with revenues in the seven figures. He expects that to hit eight figures by the end of this year.

The company started off with nine employees but now has 25. That excludes the mechanics and pilots, who work for the charter flight companies. Kennedy expects Rise’s workforce to triple in a year.

Kara Goldstein was one of the first employees on board. She left a job at The Brinkmann Corp. to join the startup. She said it was cool to watch a Houston flight land at Love Field last week, less than a year after she began trying to get people to buy into the concept.

“We were selling something that essentially didn’t exist,” she said.

Company officials don’t release exact membership numbers, but Kennedy expects Rise’s client ranks to exceed 1,000 early next year. Right now there’s a waiting list to join. But more members will come on board as flights and routes are added.

“We build capacity based on membership,” said operations vice president Jeremy Kokenes.

Glen and Vanida Ragland of Houston purchased a corporate membership, which allows more people to fly. The consultants were attracted by the idea of being able to arrive at the airport just minutes before a flight. One of their employees, who lives in Dallas, uses the membership frequently to balance work and life between the two cities.

“He likes the ability to go home if he needs to,” Glen Ragland said.

Which, to Kennedy, is the entire point.

“If I can find a way to give time back to people, I’m selling them the most valuable commodity there is,” he said.


Founded: 2014

Website: iflyrise.com

CEO: Nick Kennedy

Based: Dallas

Cities served: Dallas, Austin, Houston

Cities planned: New Orleans, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Shreveport, Tulsa and a to-be-decided city in Arkansas

Membership: Monthly dues give members unlimited flights per month. Pricing tiers determine how many reservations can be held at any time. Corporate memberships are also available.

Express: $1,650 per month for two bookings; companion tickets $750 each

Executive: $2,150 for four bookings; 1 free companion ticket per month

Chairman: $2,650 for six bookings; 2 free companion tickets per month


Texas’ All-you-can-fly Rise Adds More to Fly

Rise, a Dallas-based all-you-can-fly membership charter service, expanded its Beechcraft King Air 350 service to the entire Texas Triangle this week by adding eight more scheduled flights between Houston and Austin. It started service with the eight-passenger turboprop twin last month on the Dallas-Houston and Dallas-Austin routes.

The Rise-branded King Air is operated by Monarch Air, a Part 135 charter operator based at Dallas’ Addison Airport.

Rise King Air 200 Flight Service between Dallas, Houston, Austin and Midland Texas

Rise King Air 200, flight service is operated by FAA Part 135 charter operator Monarch Air

“It’s no coincidence that the ‘Texas Triangle’ is the starting point for Rise to create a new standard for business travel,” said Rise CEO Nick Kennedy. “There’s never been anything quite like Rise in Texas, and we’re seeing in real time what happens when you take the stress out of air travel and give people huge chunks of time back in their lives.”

Rise memberships, which start at $1,650 per month, are available in Houston, Austin, Midland and Dallas. The company offers three levels of individual memberships for its all-you-can fly model. It plans to offer “Rise Fun Flights” to Austin, Texas; Vail, Colo.; and other destinations on weekends.

Rise King Air 200 Cabin for flight service between Dallas, Houston, Austin and Midland Texas

Rise King Air 200 Cabin for flight service between Dallas, Houston, Austin and Midland Texas

Article Courtesy AINOnline.com

Starbase Jet Adds to Texas Jet Charter Fleet; Citation XLS+ and Challenger 605

Midsize and heavy charter jets add to Starbase Jet fleet:  The brand new 2014 Citation XLS+, N165DS, is Wi-Fi equipped and based at Addison Airport, outside of Dallas, TX.  The 2008 Challenger 605, N342F, is also Wi-Fi equipped and based at Houston-Hobby Airport.

Texas-based Starjase Jet is an air charter and management company, operating 24 aircraft for charter, from the light jet Citation CJ2 through the heavy Gulfstream IV-SP, Challenger 605 and Embraer Legacy 650.

Challenger 605 for charter now with operator Starbase Jet, Texas.

Challenger 605 N341F jet charter with operator Starbase Jet, Texas.

Starbase Jet’s entire fleet is available in FlightList Pro.
Access FlightList Pro free for 30 days.

ONLY IN FLIGHTLIST PRO – Falcon 2000LX based Dallas, TX Operated by Jet Linx Aviation

Charter operator Jet Linx Aviation LLC announces the new addition of a 2008 Falcon 2000LX, N183FL, based at KDAL Dallas Love Field and available for charter.  The 10-passenger private jet features club seating and updated passenger entertainment systems.    N183FL is listed only in FlightList Pro.

Jet Linx Falcon 2000LX Available for Charter, Dallas TX

Jet Linx Falcon 2000LX Available for Charter, Dallas TX

ONLY IN FLIGHTLIST PRO – Announcing Windstar Aviation King Air 200

ONLY IN FLIGHTLIST PRO – King Air 200 based KADS Addison, TX, operated by Windstar Aviation.